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17 March 2010

Glorious, Eyeball-Searing, Colour


Tara at Sticky Fingers has had the great idea of setting up an online photo gallery each week. She gives the theme and then everyone links to a photo blogpost on the theme.


today I am mostly


This week’s theme was ‘colour’.  I didn’t have the time (or the weather conditions) to do it justice this week, but as you can imagine from me, I do have a Flickr set entitled ‘Colour’ for use in emergencies.

Here is a collage of the most colourful pictures I could find in my archives. More where they came from on my Flickr here.  And do check out the whole Sticky Fingers parade, for some great bloggers and photography.


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Oh yes, perfect title for this entry! And brilliant little montage. Very very smart. Can see I'm going to have to think harder so you don't have one up your sleeve quite so readily next time!

Tee hee! Try subjects involving grey or moody low lighting next time... (though come to think of it, I live in Seattle, so could easily rustle up something along those lines for you)

Hi! I love the post and the picture of the colorful buildings...looks like Ireland maybe...You are one of my five blogs to read - I posted it last week. Thought I would let you know in case you couldn't get through the long list of students and their posts!! Ta!


That montage really hits you.

So colourful... and beautiful! I think my favourite in there is the red trees... maybe I'm biased because red is my favourite colour hehe.

love the post, colours a great, really stands out. The coloured building are fab, really cool posting. xx

The colourful houses are on Portobello Road in Notting Hill. I lived round the corner from them for twelve years and still miss them every day.

The red tree is a genuine Canadian maple in Stanley Park Vancouver. It really made me understand where they get their flag from!

I like third picture. So beautiful...

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