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02 March 2010

Jennifer Squires Photography

Just a quickie this morning as I have decided to make progress on, can you believe it, tidying. my. office. (Did you hear that Lou?) There will be an update post tomorrow.

In the meantime you slackers, my lovelies, I would really appreciate any blog improvement suggestions below. I’m trying to make a list at the moment and anything you could add would be enormously helpful. 

And I will now leave you with the gorgeous photography of Jennifer Squires.  Jennifer is another photographer who achieves that peaceful, tranquil atmosphere with her photography which I aspire to emulate but never seem to be able to achieve.  Maybe you need to have a peaceful tranquil mind to get these effects? 




Photography is so fascinating, as so much of the photographer’s personality always shines through in the photos. I swear a hundred photographers could take the same camera to the same place in the same light and you’d still get hundred different images. Anyway, you can read a great interview with Jennifer on Art Wall (a fabulous blog about, you’ve guessed it, art walls).




{All photos by Jennifer Squires Photography}


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yeah i hear you!! i didn't even start yet! i feel some pressure coming up already. aarrrghhh.

but what i ACTUALLY wanted to say is... my serendipitous ways always lead me to jennifer squires photos lately. it's the 2nd time in 3 days that i stumble over her images somewhere in the infinitive world wide web and i guess it's a hint for me to BUY A PHOTO!! :-) at least i have an excuse now. haha.

ha ha Lou. Maybe you should buy one as a reward for TIDYING YOUR OFFICE?

yes i might do that for real.. and let's see what my sweetheart will say when i tell him that he has to help me drill some wholes into the wall for an extra shelf... (he planned on spending the weekend on the couch.. feeling a bit sick...) he might want a reward as well (lasagne). what did i get myself into?! :-)

So dd and I can take pics of the same things, and hers come out looking surreal and intriguing, mine come out looking for a date with Photoshop. :p

Jennifer Squires' pics are incredible.

Oh Paola! Thanks for your kind words about my photographs! You're so sweet for featuring my work here. I'd love to hear how you found me!

PS. I checked out your office, it doesn't hold a candle to the seemingly disorganized state of mine.

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