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07 April 2010

AWESOME GIVEAWAY! – Philips LivingColors LED Lamp


As you know we like a bit of colour round these parts and we’re also not terribly fond of decorating, so I got extremely excited when I was contacted by the folks at Philips about giving away one of their awesome LivingColors LED lamps.






One of you lucky peeps is going to win a small floor lamp with four different coloured LEDs which casts light onto a wall or within a small room to create instant mood, ambience and 16 million choices of colour.  Yes, you heard right, 16 million colours. You’ll never have to go to a paint store again.




It comes with a cute and intuitive little remote control which allows you to precisely control the colour and saturation, so you can have colour for reading, one colour for eating, another for relaxing and another for well, I’ll leave it up to your imagination.

Suffice it so say I want one pretty badly, so I hope no one enters this giveaway.

If you MUST enter, then leave a comment below saying ‘what colour you would choose to colour your world with light and why’.

I will choose one lucky person using a cold hard random number generator when I get back from my Palm Springs weekend (did I mention I’m going to Palm Springs?) on Tuesday.

For more chances to win there is also a weekly sweepstake over at every week until April 18th, or you can always buy one here, though it will set you back $190.


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Wow! That would be perfect for my indecisive child (and myself). Our house would be a rainbow, but probably mostly pink, pink, pink.

Oh yes please - I would choose warm golden yellow, the color that radiates from 6 AM sunrises and transforms the land from cool cyan to rich glowing gold.

Oh my! This is ingenious. This fall, I will be living in a campus apartment that I will not allowed to paint. :( And I'm a person who thrives in color---my bedroom is painted turquoise!

I would mostly have the light set on a tranquil turquoise to make me feel most at home. But when writing or blogging, I'd switch it to orange to inspire some creativity.

And when friends came over for movie/dinner/whatnot---I'd turn it a hot pink or vibrant green.

Soo fun!

I would chose light blue-this light is just what I've been looking for I LOVE IT!!!!

Sounds cool. I would have to set it to change with the seasons. Green would be in order for next couple of months.

I'd go with a robins egg blue...peaceful and vibrant all at the same time.

Neat. I would go for the warm golds to counter the rainy Seattle blues.

We're turning our toy room into a music room and this would be a lovely addition to add light and inspiration to suit the mood! I'm predicting vibrant reds to give it a hint of glam rock!
We're taking a family trip to Palm Springs this weekend too!

oh, it would have to be golden yellow to mimic the sun (especially as we are coming up to winter down here). stella would of course go for pink, thomas for ferrari red, ollie for grass green (that boy is green crazy), and charlie? i don't know, I see him as a teal blue kinda boy, I guess.

[I guess I probably don't qualify to win, being in Australia, but my fingers are crossed just in case]

Thanks for all your wonderful entries so far. I'm actually not sure about overseas (non-American) entries, so I'll confirm that and get back to you.

oooh, i'd love to enter, as it's on my mental wish list...

I would choose a warm gorgeous color than in my country, Peru, we call LUCUMA. It is somewhere between ochre and orange... It is warm, reminds me of Peru and the delicious lucuma ice cream there!

Any colour but chartreuse! I just can't understand why such a beautiful name can be so harsh.

I Heart makes me feel good.

blue, blue, electric blue - that's the colour of the room where i shall live...

Ooh, neat! I would probably often choose lime green or purple because I love them, but could see changing it to something warm and cozy for romantic dinner lighting. :)

I, unlike, another one of your readers, LOVE CHARTREUSE! The tropical crisp citrusy lime yellow would look absolutely splendid on my walls. And it would also totally inspire me to then concoct a magical chartreuse cocktail elixir to complement my fabulous walls. I know, I am an alcoholic. Any excuse for a drink! Let the party begin!

Scarlet Red or Sapphire Blue - and seriously these lamps are so awesome. I'd love to get a couple for our wedding in November - It's a very small intimate wedding but these would transform the space so easily. I don't know that I'd be able to pick just one color to go with though I'd spend forever looking at all of them

I would choose and orange-yellow color to make the room feel warm and inviting. This light looks like so much fun!

I'd task someone to sloooowwwwwly transition it from pink to orange and back again throughout the night at my wedding this summer!

I would choose peach ... it makes everyone look a little prettier.

Oooh how fun!

I think I would cast soft hues of blues and greens while I take a bath. It would be like a spa!

Fun blog BTW: )

As I'm renowned amongst my friends for 'making up colours' I'd hope that amongst the 16MILLION colours would be the few that I've made up in sentences - pigeon grey, warm daffodil, crushed raspberry and strawy-wine - in order to justify their existence as viable shades!!! (and if you can't ship to the UK my sis in the US so she'll have it and LOVE it in her DC studio!)

Definitely PURPLE! Any shade of it.

An aqua or a nice sunny yellow-orange. something to remind me of the beach!

Thanks for all your fabulous comments - I am SO enjoying reading them here in Palm Springs (he he he did I MENTION Palm Springs? It's apparently SNOWING and HAILING in Seattle and I'm here in 88 degrees :)

But I digress. LOVING the comments. James, if it were left up to me and not the cold hard random number generator then I think you would be winning for quoting David Bowie.

Unfortunately I have checked and the competition is only open to legal residents of the US. (If any PR company is reading and would like to do a giveaway that works for non-US readers too then that would be fab).

sounds nuts but I think acid green :) for some reason that color just lifts me up and chills me out. If not that then perhaps a yummy pinkish peach or blush colour! Enjoy Palm Springs, we want to buy a home and move there sooooooo badly.

A cool blue would be fantastic. What an awesome giveaway!

I think I would color it a crisp apple green. I'm really into greens right now! How great would it be to change color on a whim, though???!!

purple would be grand how cool

I love this! I'm a pretty sporadic person, so I'd change the color constantly, depending on my mood.
Enjoy your time in Palm Springs! :)

Caribbean turquoise blue ... to remind me of blue skies, the sea, and nature while I'm trapped in the gray steel jungle of New York.

we had a pink, led wall for our wedding and everyone said that i looked like a bride in an ipod commercial. i would likely choose funky lime green and turquoise when friends are over and a sexy gold when it's me and my man.

I would color it orange. Orange never fails to cheer me up.

All 16 million colors! Or at least 60. To set the mood, to reflect the mood, to cool down, to warm up.
Because colors matter. Yay!

I would color my office orange. Because I've been in an orange mood lately.

RED - bold glorious saturated blue based RED! Warming, and passionate, cheerful and intense, the colour of the heart :-)

I love all things Orange- the color of the second chakra, which is all about creativity! And also Green for the heart chakra. Who couldn't use more love?

What a wonderful giveaway....I would color my world red. Fire, passion, heat - I want to bring more of these feelings into my life and a red room would definitely do the trick.
Pick me please!

I would choose a lavender blue daybreak color! Happy mornings!

I'm partial to pink and turquoise, so either. But I'd play around with it all the time just to discover new possibilities!

A tealish leaning green.

Definitely in the magenta hue because it always looks exciting in the most dramatic, happy way. Also, and more importantly, it's my 9-year old niece's favorite color and I would gain major points in the cool aunt category. :)

a bright, rich blue to remind me of the ocean that i am never near anymore...

Ooh... variety is the spice of life. Why stick with one? Don't bug Daddy today kid, his light's red!

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