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15 April 2010

Bloggers Bake Sale for Share Our Strength




On Saturday I, and a number of other much more famous Seattle food bloggers, such as NotMartha, Cakespy and Gluten Free Girl, will be donating baked items to the Food Bloggers bake sale. Megan NotMartha will apparently be upstaging us all with a secret something baked in jars. I will be contributing something very, VERY British.



When: April 17, 2010
10:am -12:pm

Metropolitan Market Uptown
100 Mercer Street
(free parking available)

What: Cookies, Cakes and baked goods made by Seattle food bloggers
Recipes will be available too.

Nearly 17 million— almost one in four—children in America face hunger. Despite the good efforts of governments, private-sector institutions and everyday Americans, millions of our children still don’t have daily access to the nutritious meals they need to live active, healthy lives. More information on SOS can be found at Share Our Strength.


The Seattle bake sale has been organised by Keren of FranticFoodie and if you can’t make it to Met Market in Seattle, then there are bake sales being organised throughout the US by Gaby of What’s Gaby Cooking.

Just running out the door to get rolled oats. British readers I bet you can guess what I’m baking!


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Spotted Dick!
(Just kidding. My real guess starts with f.)

I think you're on the right lines ;)

This is what I get for being behind on blog reading. A fantastic cause and would love to join you ladies next time. Happy to simply donate my time and baked goods to help anyone, anywhere, anytime. Hope it was a success Paola!

Hi I believe it was a great success (I couldn't stick around for the actual sale as it was observation morning at the Minx's ballet class). You need to keep up with for news of any similar events in future.

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