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20 April 2010

May The Plates Be With You


I am SO tempted to get a set of these for the Husband. Of course, they would secretly be for me, but he would never know. Just so super fab.








Buy them at Beat Up Creations Etsy shop. {via Whorange’s Twitter feed} Find me on Twitter at


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Aren't these fabulous? Please invite me to the tea party!

These would probably not be my first choice, but if they were in a Thunderbirds version, now, my husband would be a happy man!

Oh wow! Did you get Thunderbirds in the US? A Thunderbirds version and I would seriously die...what an amazing idea. Maybe I can commission her or something..

i am so NOT into star wars but would definitely get the yoda. so supercool! get them! go go go!!

OMG, thank you for this husband is a big star wars fan...he would crack up over these!! i might have to get these as a gift for him - love it - too funny!

They are wonderful!! Funny and cute - love them!

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