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22 April 2010

Salty Knits


For the three or so readers who care about my knitting projects, I am still knitting.  I’ve just been totally bogged down in a sweater project,though I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. I’m currently sewing it up and hopefully will have pics by next week. I bet you can’t wait.

Some people have, however, been knitting up a storm in West Cape May, New Jersey.

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{All images from Salty Knits Facebook page}


The mysterious people behind Salty Knits creep out at night and put up the most fabulous ‘knitted graffiti’. Calling themselves ‘mystery knitters who are sick of knittin kitten mittens’, they’ve got a very active Facebook page too.

Unfortunately, as fast as they can knit, someone has been taking all the knitting down, as they’re legally entitled to do since it’s on public property. 

But c’mon, it looks GORGEOUS, doesn’t it? (Apparently the town has been getting the best press it’s ever had too).  Would love it if someone did this in Seattle.  Maybe next winter I’ll make some tree tubes for the small dogwood in our front garden. (Actually really intrigued to know how they get the tubes on the trees, they don’t appear to be stitched.)


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I will help you decorate Seattle with knits! I have the ugliest tree ever that would love this. The neighbors actually call it 'the scarey tree.' :)

Oh, do give your tree a nice little sweater :) If I had more knitting time I would so do this in Seattle. I think people would love it here.

There's some about on Phinney Ridge. I do love it!

Oh I saw that movie at on Saturday night! Absolutely aces, can't recommend it highly enough. For a brief moment I was encouraged in my career as a fledgling knitting graffitiest, but then I had a cocktail and came to my senses.

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