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06 May 2010

Vote Early, Vote Often



Portrait Badge of Emmeline Pankhurst c. 1909 From the Museum of London.


Feeling bad today as for the first time in my adult life I’m not going to be voting in a UK Election - for some unfathomable reason we just forgot to register. I hope that Mrs Pankhurst, wherever she is, can find it in her heart to forgive me.

It’s made even worse because today is the first election I can remember where it really isn’t clear what the outcome is going to be, and so it is all rather exciting, though in a somewhat depressing way, as none of the candidates are particularly inspiring. Where is a Barack Obama when you need him?

Still we have the Prosecco on ice in the hopes that by tomorrow the rather unpleasant Gordon Brown will no longer be Prime Minister. (Champagne doesn’t seem appropriate given the parlous state of the British economy whoever gets in).

I’m going to be watching the all-night coverage via The Telly, worth hooking up to for any other British expats out there.


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how cool is the telly?! i'll be watching channel 4's alternative election night.
charlie brooker gets my vote :)

The Telly is like magic. However, have just turned on Channel 4 and found Jimmy Carr. VERY distressing...

is "the telly" where armando iannucci and martin amis to be found swiling champers and giving their witty twist on election developments?!

we yanks could never pull it off! but yes, we do have obama!

omg... you are rising my bad conscious now... as an italian living in germany they always send me the papers to vote. the choice in italy however is between evil and misery. that's why i never vote. i feel bad a bit but the politicians there are SUPERASSHOLES. what can i do?

Mlle P, I'd rather have Obama than Armando Iannucci.

Lou, my Italian mother had the same dilemma. She never voted either

It seems as if we may not even have managed to vote out Gordon Brown, though we did drink the prosecco anyway.

yeah. the dilemma is when you don't vote at all the bad wins. right? next time i have to ask my mom who to vote. she has the big picture. but then on the other hand... i don't even live there. but the germans won't let me vote. argh. but applying for german citizenship is totally OUT of the question.

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