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20 July 2010

Things I Am Loving - Crochet Car Cosy


{Image by Flickr user StartTheDay}

Isn’t this just the business? 

It was apparently created by Magda Sayeg for the Il Lusso Essenziale art festival in Rome and I’m very tempted to start making one for my Beetle, except a) I don’t think it’s terribly suitable for the Seattle winter (or indeed the Seattle summer, of which we would rather not speak, thank you very much) and b) I have no idea how you open the doors.


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But it looks great, does it not?

Hi There!! I just came across your blog. I thought you may be interested in this blog post I did a week or two ago - it reminds me so much of this post.

Isn't this an extraordinary? And OH, I thought it was hand painted. It doesn't look like it was knitted. How did the owner of this car do this? The color is actually perfect for cold weather. Love it!

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