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09 August 2010

All About Me – Me and My Girl

You won’t see many photos of me out there, mostly because the Husband, who obviously has MANY fine attributes, is the worst photographer known to man.

This weekend we fled the terrible Seattle summer and went to Lake Chelan, high in the mountains of northern Washington, which has a sunny microclimate and beautiful, swimmable waters.

And hell must have frozen over or something, because the Husband actually took some photos which made me look like a human being and not a water buffalo. They’re not amazing or anything – hair had just been in swimming pool and I’m wearing no make up – but I share them with you in memory of this miracle.






In case you think I’m exaggerating, here is one the Husband’s first, and more typical attempts.




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these are lovely! am right with you on not being happy with pictures of yourself, though i may be a bit too uptight about mine...

They turned out really well, I know how much you wanted some good ones of you together. Just lovely :)

i love them. the last one is magical. you and your daughter look so alike. awesome.

It's funny that you think we look alike. Normally no one (including me) can see the resemblance. She is tall, slim with long blonde hair and has the Husband's eyes, which are very different from my own. Whereas I'm short and plump with short brown hair.

But you're right, put sunglasses on us both and the lower part of her face IS similar. I hadn't really noticed it before.

Your husband is an idiot. You should get rid of him.

Hello at last. Summer has flown by (if you could call it that)but I do visit you often just haven't had time to stop and talk. Hope all is well with you.

Those are LOVELY. And I hadn't spotted the similarity before either.

Loved your pics of Menton. Reminded me of a very happy trip to Eze years ago.

Hot weather in the UK seems to have disappeared. It' been tipping it down all day...


yeah great pictures, what camera did your husband use?

where do you like to stay in chelan? i just discovered your blog, and i like your other recommendations... and i have a sister-in-law that lives up there that we will need to visit someday. i seem to recall lots of crummy, dingy, woodsy places in lake chelan, so i'm hoping you have a recommendation for me!

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