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16 September 2010

Things I Am Loving – the Knitting Clock






{via Design for Mankind}


2010's Time to Design Award was presented to Norwegian designer Siren Elise Wilhelmsen for her project Developing Time—Time Developing, a clock that knits 48 stitches every day, giving you a new 2 meter long tubular scarf every year. 

For her next trick Wilhelmsen wants to find ways to personalize the production of the knit, perhaps programming the machine to respond to movement, sound, and light.

It seems that this is a very distant and much more sophisticated relation of the Minx’s ‘knitting Nancy’ which has been keeping her entertained all summer.  She loves it when it starts ‘pooping’ yarn.



I will be back blogging properly next Monday, hopefully with a blog refresh too, but loved the above too much not to share.


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So cool. However, I'm slightly jealous that clock is more talented than I am.

I'll get the Minx to teach you...

I'll get the Minx to teach you...

Where can I buy this? I must have this in my life!!!

oh how i love this. just yesterday i sat down to find knitting tutorials online and found this machine. checked out how it works on youtube but didn't really get it. anyway for me i think i'll start knitting with 2 needles but the idea of this clock is just genius!!

Lou, you need to look into 'French knitting' or 'corking' to see how the clock works, but that's done differently from 2-needle knitting anyway. Do you have a local yarn shop? They can probably give you a lesson and it's usually better to learn the basics from a human being (once you've got those down, then it's easy to learn all the other stuff from vids).

where do I buy the knitting closck

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