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12 November 2010

Go Love Your Trailer Park – Hicksville Trailer Palace


You already know how much we love Joshua Tree, but the person who decided to build a trailer park motel there with themed trailers, secluded swimming pool and recording studio (just in case you have an album to make) was clearly a genius. Hicksville Trailer Palace, I salute you!



amenities.courtyardThe Fifi would definitely be the Minx’s trailer of choice, though the Husband would need to keep a firm grip on his masculinity. Though glowing wig heads would make up for all the frou frou I suspect.


I could live out my fantasy of living in an Airstream in the Integratrailer, though the interior does seem a little subdued. It apparently comes with its own alien communication system though.


And I also like the look of the Lux, which apparently comes with its own library of horror movies, which I would NOT be watching stuck in the middle ofJoshua Tree. At night.



  lux.booth  lux.bed

The other amenities look more fun than normal camping too.

amenities.cantina amenities.bath1


And can you imagine how spectacular it would be sitting out under all those stars?



{All images from and their Facebook page. Found via the Divine Ms T at Whorange}


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OMG - LOVE it! It's like the one in Bisbee Arizona except closer to actual people we know (in Palm Desert and LA). Fab. I think I want The Pony!

I want one...please!!!!

TS, I just Googled that Bisbee Arizona one, and that looks amazing too.

That's just awesome!!!
I gotta bookmark that site.
Whenever we will travel over to AZ again, we gotta stop by there and hopefully can spend a couple days in one of those trailers.
Thanks for sharing! I probably would never have found out about it otherwise.

So awesome! Thanks for sharing!

I like the idea of a personalized trailer. They seem small from the outside, but are really spacious inside. Renting one would be good for a short, out-of-town vacay!

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