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10 November 2010

Shhhh. Don’t Tell the Minx



My needles are on fire at the moment as I’ve realised that the actual monkey has to be finished by the end of November for there to be any chance of her having clothes by Christmas. I start attaching the arms tonight.

She can sit due to a little bag of rice in her posterior end. Note that the pattern designer added a little shaping to the waist to give her some ladylike curves.  Truly the Joan Holloway of sock monkeys.


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haha i love this so far! can't wait to see how it turns out. happy knitting!

Love ur it Teddy's legs??? Sounds great!!!!

Those are just amazing - how cool would it to be to stay in one? I wonder if they get hot in the sun or the mental protects it somehow?

Absolutely darling xoxo

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