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02 December 2010

Lundby Advent Calender – Day 2




Here’s Mrs Lundby relaxing after a hard day’s shopping, though she’s only managed to fit two Christmas presents in her oversized Christmas carrier bag.

Mrs Lundby is very Swedish as her pale blue boob tube slips down at every opportunity, revealing some very perky breasts (plastic always helps I find). She is also probably very cold but we couldn’t find her jacket this morning.


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That's so awesome your doing an advent calender with your blog posing! =)

Is Mrs Lundby a name you picked? Or is that an actual brand of doll?

I remember getting my advent calenders as a kid from Mom and getting so excited to come home from school just to open my next door to get my chocolate! =)

I remember how I would shake the calender so an extra chocolate or two would fall out of the same day... lol =)

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