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22 March 2011

Fancy Hotel of the Week–MyHotel Brighton


Last week I was idly flicking through pictures of the MyHotel in Brighton, the English seaside town known affectionately as ‘London-by-the-sea’.

Designed by New Yorker Karim Rashid and opened in 2008, the design brief was apparently to create a space ‘where Freddie Mercury might meet the Maharishi’. 

I really wanted to hate it after reading that, but unfortunately I just can’t.  From the photos at least it’s a shiny, sexy, glamorous, somewhat pretentious shag palace, perfect for all the London media types that Brighton attracts and the sort of place that I adore staying in. 

I’m sorry, just shoot me now.













I was very much enjoying my wander through Rashid’s trademark colours, curves and kitsch (and fishtanks) until I came across this picture.




Isn’t this the scariest, most nightmare-inducing hotel room you’ve ever seen? Imagine waking up and seeing that across the way. They’ll be decorating rooms with clowns next.



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Even more scary in the last photo, is the naked dead body in the tub! ROOM SERVICE!!!


Oh BRILLIANT!!!!! I hadn't even noticed that.

I like the concept of this hotel. The last picture looks scary though.

Really,This one is very nice and funny hotel images.I like this great and excellent hotel rooms and facilities.This hotel is one of the best and very wonderful.

I imagine booking this hotel for a client and seeing his reaction when he steps in the lobby. He probably would double check the instructions if he got on the right hotel.

Wow..!!The hotel looks great..!!

Fantastic interior...

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