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11 March 2011

Owls - Yay or Nay?


As you may remember I’m rather inexplicably – given that in real life I’m a bit phobic about birds -  into owls round these parts.

Commenter eM, on the other hand, said in a post below that a surfeit of owls is one of the reasons she’s stopped reading design blogs.



Twitwooshkas – fabulous papier mache nesting owls from Niki Jones in the UK. They’re handpainted in Northern India and cost £100. I’m sorry but I still like these.


What say you? Has the owl motif reached overload? Are other birds acceptable?  Do I have to give up my dream of ‘Aviary’ wallpaper? Are we all just hipsters with scarcely an original thought?


All profound thoughts for a Friday. I’m still rather shaken by news from Japan. Sobering to think how fragile life is around the Pacific Rim. Count your blessings today. Every. Single. One.


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I love owls.
I love reading blogs with fresh ideas.
I believe it's time for an owl sabbatical.
Poor things.

i have to admit my eye has been caught by some really great designs that sometimes involve owls. i guess there are owl people like there are cat people and dog people, and if you want your blog to be a reflection of you then owl away, i'll respect that :)

I like the use of modernist stylising that has brought us the owl-overboard - but surely with the wealth of flora, fauna and furriness, clever designers must be able to find other subjects???
PS LOVE portlandia - did you see the segment on the middle class peeps ordering chicken?? CLASSIC.

ah funny. i just got here to find an image of your sock monkey for the minx - preparing a blogpost where i say "i can't stand the owls anymore". they are everywhere. on some things i think they are still cute but overall... please retire the owl design. give me squirrels, sausage dogs or whatever animal but give the owls a rest. really.

So what is the next big furry thing? Squirrels?

Or maybe we should be getting over cute creatures all together (the Portlandia vid struck a chord, though I have mixed feelings about Portlandia in general - they usually carry the joke on a bit too long, and from my perch here in the Pacific NW it's all rather embarassingly close to home)

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