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23 March 2011

Pirates Ahoy!


I’ve been receiving lots of lovely comments and emails – thank you all -  about the Minx’s new loft bed and slide (it was featured on Apartment Therapy’s Ohdeedoh kids’ site yesterday – hi Ohdeedohers!) and had been feeling smugly pleased with myself. 




Until a week or so ago, when a friend posted a link on Facebook and my smugness instantly evaporated. Now, this is what you call a loft bed and slide.

WARNING: Don’t read this with any trainee pirates, or trainee pirates at heart, anywhere in the vicinity of your computer.


PirateShipBedroom5 PirateShipBedroom7


The pirate ship was custom built for the six-year old client and features a rope bridge leading to a specially built ‘jail’. See that rope to the left of the crows’ nest?  Slide down it and you end up in the closet below.





And as a final piece de resistance, see that intriguing orange hole in a secret hallway closet?






Well that turns out to be a DOUBLE. STOREY. SPIRAL. SLIDE acquired after the refurb of a local community centre.




Full details of the design and construction on MyModernMet.

Please don’t show this to the Minx.



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It's beautiful. But console yourself with this thought - the more elaborate the construction, the less the kid will have to fall back on his imagination. Our neighbour built a beautiful playhouse for his four kids - I have seen cottages with less impressive tiling. Whenever I dropped by, the kids were never in the house - they'd have made their own out of a clothes horse and blankets. I reckon that in childhood, translating the ultimate dream to a reality can be a bit of an own goal.

But yeah, I want that boat bed as much as you do.

when i saw this bed i was so in awe that i almost went to the next store to buy everything i need to build that thing for myself. it's terrific. i want that!!°

Wow this is amazing!

Ahh but I don't think the boat is actually the bed is it? You can see a corner of a bed plus quilt in the corner of a couple of the pics. So it's really just a glorified climbing frame effort..... with a bog standard place to sleep opposite....


Haha! I wondered if anyone would spot that. It says in the write-up on MyModernMet that there's space for special friends to sleep in the boat, so I'm choosing to call it a loft bed. But yeah, I don't understand why anyone wouldn't sleep in it all the time.

Totally awesome!

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