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16 March 2011

Royal Wedding Watch - Knit Your Own Royal Wedding


Are you looking forward to the Royal Wedding?

Even hard-bitten and cynical little me is getting very excited.  What’s not to love - London and dresses and kisses and big hats.  I was even thinking of going back for it until they inconsiderately decided to hold it in April, which meant we couldn’t really combine it with a summer vacation.  Instead I’m going to have to get up at 3 am to watch coverage here on the West Coast.

Or else I may just knit these and replay the Royal Wedding for myself at a more civilised time of the morning.



Here’s the happy couple. Personally I’m a little disappointed in Kate’s dress.


Captttqure Captqtqure


The Queen and Prince Harry will be the other stars of the show and there will no doubt be a lot of royal corgis running round and tripping up the footmen. Though you could’ve worn a rather more spectacular hat, ma’am.


Capfaafature tqtq



Here’s that poignant moment when William sees his beautiful bride for the first time – just loving Wills’ and Harry’s hair here. Note you can even knit yourself a mini Archbishop of Canterbury, though I’m not sure why you’d want to.




And here’s the kiss we’ll all be waiting for – with accompanying Prince Charles, Camilla (boo!) and Prince Philip figures.

The book Knit Your Own Royal Wedding is by Fiona Gable, and if I weren’t suffering from Carmen Banana fatigue I would be seriously tempted to buy it.




Lots more Royal Wedding coverage coming up. I can’t wait to do ‘Separated At Birth’ on the wedding guests.



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I'm disappointed that there's no knitty Sarah Ferguson trying to sneak in past security. Or indeed Posh and Becks, and Uncle Elton.

I'm disappointed that there's no knitty Sarah Ferguson trying to sneak in past security. Or indeed Posh and Becks, and Uncle Elton.

... oh, and I note that Middleton pere, mere et soeurs don't even get a look in. Commoners, I suppose.

I think the beauty of this is that you could use the basic patterns to make random other guests as well - the Kate doll would make a great Serah Ferguson. And Harry's hair is not unlike Uncle E's.

In fact I'm tempted to knit these after the event and change the clothes to resemble what they all actually did wear.'re a nut. What's more crazy, is that "Wills" actually looks like him. He's got the right skin tone colouring...the jawline is decidedly his...there's that shy smile... Not bad! Not bad! Although, the usual flash of incisors would have been more true to life. Do you think you might attempt to knit in some teeth for him?

Of my God! The Queen's nose is crooked!!! Do you think our Princely Phillip clocked her? Pruuurrrggghhhh! (This is the only way I know how to spell the sound coming from my lips!)


This is so funny! I've been staring at each one for ages! I may be too immersed in my doggie world just lately, but the Corgis are hilarious!

Indeed, re:patterns. Coming soon: Paola Thomas knits The Oscars?

Mr Q alerted me to this one yesterday. At least with knitting, you can undo mistakes...

Alternatively, if you prefer not to knit there's always this:,default,pd.html

And when you look at William-in-plastic you'll see how they have dealt with the mouth/teeth problem....

Seriously re. knit the Oscars, don't tempt me. That would be INSANE.

And I think I am going to knit my own mini-Queen with corgi, handbag and pearls. I feel it's the patriotic thing to do.

Mrs Q. That is AWESOME.

Yeah, that dress def. needs some improvement! So funny.

Hey Ms Pink, I might try and recreate the actual dress after it's revealed. I've ordered the book anyway....

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