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04 March 2011

The Minx’s Bedroom


Pssst!  Want to peak inside the Minx’s newly painted bedroom?




In the end we decided to go for a Maxtrix loft bed with girly playhouse panels and a slide.  It’s not as cool and funky as those other loftbeds, but it was within our budget and has potential to be raised higher with a desk underneath when the Minx is older.  The full interchangeable Maxtrix system - comprising beds, slides, ladders, playhouse and castle panels, desks, shelving, trucklebeds and underbed storage is available here. We ordered online and were delighted with their quick delivery and excellent customer service. The bed arrived in eleven separate boxes, so you need to have someone who’s handy with a screwdriver in the house, but is sturdy and well made for flat-pack furniture. Most importantly the Minx and her friends absolutely adore it.




The colour scheme for the rest of the accessories is a bit more pastel and girly than I would necessarily like, but it was somewhat dictated by the pastel bed curtains. I was ecstatic with how well her old accessories fitted into the scheme.

The cool lights above the bed are from Ikea, the sheer curtains with pink ribbon details are from the Land of Nod, the quilt and pillow is from Pottery Barn, the green circular rug and the daisy rugs were, I think from Target, but I can’t find them online, and the family portrait was commissioned from Auntie Cookie.  The knotty pine chest of drawers was bought at a junk shop in the UK years ago though we added glass knobs from Chloe Alberry on Portobello Road. The embroidered sampler above was picked up on Ebay.




IMG_7780 IMG_7718


The chandelier was another Ebay find. You can’t see very well, but it has little green and pink glass daisies on it and it makes a super cool shapes on the ceiling. The pink daisy flowers make everything glow pinkly when lit.






IMG_7744 IMG_7752


The pink rocking chair by NurseryWorks came from Tottini in Seattle, though I don’t particularly recommend it as it has a very violent and potentially dangerous rock.  The daisy cushion came from some sidewalk sale and the pistachio green beaded cushion featuring a fluffy Westie with a pink diamante’ necklace is from mirrormirror. The fairy wings are from the Minx’s extensive collection.




The Minx is a voracious reader, so underneath the bed we put the mattress from her old bed, her Land of Nod bookshelf, various blankets and cushions and another Ikea Smila Blomma light, this time in white.

I love this because it hides the not very aesthetically pleasing bookshelf (we’re lucky enough to have a separate playroom for her, so toy storage in the bedroom is not an issue). 

The Minx just told me that she loves it because she gets to read in peace without having to listen to me yelling.  The cats also love it, but they haven’t told us why.


IMG_7785 IMG_7795


It also glows very excitingly in the dark.




Before pictures are here.  


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I LOVE IT!!! Especially the reading nook. If I had been lucky enough to have a room like that when I was the Minx's age, I might have actually grown up liking pink and pastel things instead of being the grunge/goth chick that I turned out to be. Maybe you could come do my room?

So lovely! What a great reading corner.

This tremendous! What a fabulous bedroom...if I were 30-odd years younger this is EXACTLY the room I'd want...

this is really a girl's dream bedroom. and even now as an adult i wish i had such a great place to read. wow.

Beautiful! Though if we'd known all those years ago that we could have suggested a pastel pink, flowery room...

BUT, question from The Molster - where are her CLOTHES?!


You just made all my little girl dreams come true.

Now if only I were your kid (sigh)...

Yep, the nook would have done it for me as a child, too. Unlike N, who has never looked willingly at a book in her life - I am about to redecorate her room too, and may as well move anything with a spine out to the garden studio. Sigh.

C, tell the Mollster that the white door in pic 3 leads to a built-in closet. I think American bedrooms have to have one by law and they're totally awesome.

Oh, man, am I jealous. Would you like to come decorate my house next? I would have absolutely flipped for a bedroom like that as a kid (and to be honest, if I could convince the mister to sleep in a lofted bed, I'd be all over it now, too). I love the reading nook the most, but the entire room is fabulous. And the paint was totally worth doing over. It's gorgeous.

Nice job all around. What a lucky girl the Minx is!

What a fantasy bedroom for a girl! LOVE it. Just absolutely love it.

Thanks all for the compliments - I'm so pleased with how it turned out.

I asked the Minx what her favourite aspect of the room was, and she said... the reading nook... the slide.... and the I think my client is happy.

Our Nell has requested aqua for her walls. Care to suggest some feature wallpaper that might work? Or maybe will just get Jim to do lots of scribbly birds.... x

Its so beautiful! Shoot, I wanna room like that! But Im an adult, and I doubt that's considered suitable. :]

seriously, this is girly girl awesome.

My five year-old son just walked in and said, "Nice bunk bed. Awesome!"

Now I want a reading nook. And that chandelier.

Hey Gypsy's five year-old son, they make a boy's version too. Just saying.

Also I'm losing track of the number of adults who've told me here and on Facebook/Twitter etc. that THEY'D like a loft bed and a reading nook. I think bedroom design for adults has gone seriously wrong somewhere along the line.

WOW! I begged for a slide on my bed to no avail, lucky girl! Of course my demands were not simple, I also wanted Where the Wild Things Are style of tree four poster bits AND a swing hanging off it all AND turrets. Hmm, methinks I was too greedy.

I was listening to Royal Wedding talk and thought of you... hopee stateside life treating you well, you'll be like an ambassador for the royals over there ;0)

I love this.. This is very unique and beautiful.. Kids would love to stay inside the room having this kind of design. Thanks for sharing!

Awesome! Thank you for giving me a glimpse of ideas what to play with my girl's room someday.

Pretty! I would love that bedroom for my girl!

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