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10 March 2011

Things I Am Loving – pEIpod Pet Bed


After six weeks the kittens are starting to calm down a bit - in fact they’re not really kittens any more but rather small cats. Which is just as well, because they were turning me greyer than the Minx ever did.




By the same token I have calmed down in the purchase of expensive cat accessories, though I did want to share one last extravagance with you.

The pEipod (‘ei’ means ‘egg’ in German) is an egg-shaped plastic pod available in two sizes,  three colours – pink, mint green or ivory -  with a cotton padded cushion in your choice of either pink or yellow. So you should be able to find a combination which suits your decor.

The bed is suitable for small dogs, cats or even bunnies.




Ours has become one of the most commented upon bits of furniture in our house and I’m loving how it looks in our living room.




The best news of all, given how much it cost,  is that the cats actually use it all the time – one or the other can generally be found sleeping there.  Might even have to get two.






The pEIpod is available from here for $129.


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You really do have such sweet kitties! I have had my eye on these pods for a while, but I fear that Mills and Poppet would just ignore them for a snuggle under a blanket somewhere...damn it, I should have raised them to be much more style conscious :)

I love so much how you pamper your kitties! (I am still considering those cubed litter boxes...)

I think these bed pods are so neat looking. Sometimes I wish I was a cat. Ha!

Cate, I really do think you should get one of these - I've been so pleasantly surprised by how much our kittens have used it. I think it's the feeling of being cosy and protected inside something while still being able to observe what's going on that they like. But it's by far their favourite place to sleep.

Jesse, I'm afraid the pampering is almost entirely for my benefit - I prefer things on display in the house to be good looking, even if I have to pay through the nose for them. And after a few weeks of use we're still delighted with the cubed litter box.

You had me until that last line.

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