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29 April 2011

Random Wedding Thoughts – Victoria Beckham


It seems that poor dear not-particularly-especially-in-this-company-Posh Spice is so deranged by pregnancy hormones that she forgot to remove her gown after going to the hair salon to have her pony tail clipped on.




Luckily for us, that means we can copy what she wore to the wedding for a mere £14.99 from Amazon. She’s also clearly of the opinion that if she slapped on enough eyeliner, fake tan and ridiculous shoes, we’d forget she was in her third trimester.

Nope, didn’t work for me either.

Hat was one of Philip Treacy’s better efforts on the day. But what’s with the hew-fangled ‘unicorn’ style of hat wearing nowadays? The Minx and I thought it was hilarious.


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those type of shoes look ridiculous on everyone. I hate them

And everyone forgot to tell David that 1/his medal should be worn on the other side of his suit 2/actually not worn at all for a royal wedding

what has she got to look so miserable about....and how can anyone walk in those ridiculous shoes...

But he's beeyouuuutiful! (I csn't help it.)

Ooo love that I could hide my body under a gown and look good! Seriously though, why did she look so miserable... apart from the fact that she might be feeling ill I suppose? No not going to give her that either. I'm feeling incredibly home sick too, nothing like a good dose of pomp and ceremony to bring it out!

I think she is so pretty. She has such an exciting life. How come she never looks happy? Does she ever smile?

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