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29 April 2011

Separated At Birth – Chelsy Davy


article-1337031-0C67D5F9000005DC-654_233x423 Chelsy-Davy-Royal-Wedding-042911-2-435x580
                       Next royal bride Chelsy Davy                                                        Busty barmaid Bet Lynch


Prince Harry’s date and the potential next royal bride Chelsy Davy is a dead ringer for Bet Lynch. That’ll mean beans to any American readers, but suffice it to say that she was the busty ‘tart with a heart’ barmaid in Britain’s long running soap opera Coronation Street.


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Absolutely! Perfect match!

Please that she isn't part of a future royal wedding. What a waste of all that delicious ginger that would be! ;) And, I dread the thought of what her dress choice might be. This?

Can you imagine! Actually I think a Harry/Chelsy wedding would be a riot. That's not going to be a restrained, tasteful affair is it?

all i can say about chelsy is that she DIDN'T go to the hairdresser before attending the wedding of the century. nuff said. and i hope harry will choose pippa. THAT would be a riot :-)

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