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29 April 2011

Separated At Birth – Zara Phillips’ Hat


88969_P Royal Wedding Evening Celebrations Buckingham 6NmjPaik1qZl
                                Zara Phillips’ Hat                                                                                          Satellite Dish

It’s the obvious comparison of course, and in fact this was one of my favourite hats of the day, but this is just in case anyone in the Abbey couldn’t work out why the service was being constantly interrupted by garbled Chinese porn films and messages from outer space.

I also love how the Queen’s next grandson-in-law-to-be looks like such a thug, albeit a very jovial one.


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It's nearly as bad as Mike Tyndall's nose

probably didnt help reception of anything

a total thug...bit part actor for Eastenders....

haha you're hilarious. Some of those hats were unreal.

The thing I noticed about the picture is that there is no way the guy could have stood on her right side, lol. It's either you are on my left side or you are not int he picture

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