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17 May 2011

My New Baby


I’m sorry for total lack of bloggery recently. I have a big deadline coming up for my University of Washington certificate in online interactive marketing and my nose has been firmly to the grindstone (whatever on earth that means).

The tedium was briefly shattered last Friday by the arrival of a new baby to the house – in the slim, lightweight shape of an iPad 2.





I’ve been lusting after one of these for a long time – I don’t find my heavy laptop with its short battery life to be particularly portable and feel very tethered to my desk most of the time. So I’m hoping this will allow me to tend to emails from the coffee shop; catch up with reading sitting under the cherry tree and Tweet more easily from in front of the telly rather than just pecking at my iPhone like a squinty bird. 





It’s been a big hit since Friday – I’m really enjoying the Flipboard and Evernote apps so far and yesterday the Minx was at home sick and was educated via Math Girl – Addition House; Stack the Countries and Stack the States; DinosaurChess and Playtime Theater, all of which I can highly recommend.




The Husband, who works for Microsoft, was highly sceptical about letting yet another Apple product into the house, so I have to prove its worth by using it all. the. time.

If you have an iPad, how do like it? When and where do you use it? What apps do you like best and use most? Which apps help you work more productively? And which do you recommend for me? As you know I like art and design, blogging, food, photography, music, gossipy entertainment and fashion sites, politics and knitting. And more educational apps and games for the Minx would be good.  I’d also love to find a few more European-centric apps if possible.  And if you’ve got some good new iPhone apps then throw those in as well – many of those are also available for the iPad and in any case I haven’t upgraded my iPhone apps in ages either.


Except Angry Birds.  I’m nearly at 3 stars on ALL levels on my iPhone and when that’s done I never what to speak of that app again.


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Well, there is great ap which tells you where the nearest bank of Boris bikes are, and how many bikes and spaces there are, but probably not much good in Seatle.....

want vs. need, want vs. need, I'm trying to convince myself that I need and ipad

oh my. you got yourself into trouble, huh?!
i love that wunderlist app. it's for iphone, pad and syncs with the mac as well. great to-do-list app.
and one more i love (but didn't start using yet but will in 2 weeks) is nike training club. shows you workouts and stuff and i can't wait to use it. could be a good gym avoider.
pinerest is nice and i'm sure it looks fab on the ipad.

If I will be having my new baby that would be a modern camera perfect for photo shooting.

very informative article thank you…cheers Peter

I never knew how many sites used flash until I couldn't see them on ipad. It also wont let me see my yahoo mail account for my store while letting me access my regular yahoo mail account.

If I can overlook those 2 very important things then it's a neat device. Sleek, thin, light and beautiful...that vs. censorship and important business it's a device for my kids to play (non-flash)games and watch movies.

Paola, where are you? I miss you. Hope all is good. x

I miss you too.

I'm a fans of Apple products

Congratulations for your "new baby", I see you are satisfied , maybe I will take one too...

Congrats!!! I got mine two weeks ago. Never been happier with a new piece of tech!

I am planning to buy one next month.Yours is great enjoy it!

great purchase !! :) I am going to buy one soon, it seems a perfect toy for an adult. :)

Ooh, wonderful! Well done on Apple-ing your household. My brother is trying to persuade my parents to swap their PC laptop for an iPad so that I'll get the calls about how to work things (me being Mac) instead of him (PC). I got a new laptop for my birthday (I know!!!!! lucky me, MacBook Pro, hence return to a bit of blog life) but I confess I'd love a pad as well for those days when I'm stuck in bed with the old M.E. (most days just now, hence time to visit blogs).

Been great catching up on your posts, and in a way I'm glad you've not been blogging to much because it meant I really could skim through them all since my xmas/jan visit. You always make me laugh and smile.

He is a good friend that speaks well of us behind our backs.

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