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02 May 2011

Separated at Birth - Princess Beatrice



A reindeer



Princess Beatrice of York

I’ve seen this hat compared to a beribboned toilet bowl and Gaga’s lobster, but this separated at birth comes courtesy of the Minx, who really couldn’t believe her eyes.  I love the way that the people in both pictures of Beatrice are having a good old smirk (though Princess Eugenie looked no less ridiculous).


LaplandReindeer_wideweb__470x305,0 beatrice hat


And seriously, I know Philip Treacy is supposed to be some sort of millinery genius, but honestly most of his many, many hats on the day were awful. Somebody really should have tweaked his meds.


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My first impression of this hat: toilet seat with gift wrapping.

I see the reindeer resemblance too though!

I really wish this hats-at-weddings tradition existed here in the US.

By they way, I would totally party with this Princess Beatrice chick.

I have two beautiful wedding hats in hat boxes down in our basement and it saddens me that they'll never see the light of day in earnest again (the Minx and I were wearing them to watch the wedding).

PLEASE introduce the hat fashion to US weddings...

Just wear them! As I just read in an article about fashion-challenged Seattle, nobody is going to criticize you for looking good (even if nobody else in the room has made much effort). At my half Merkin, half British Seattle wedding some years ago, the British women rocked it with hats and everyone else was kind of agog in admiration, so I say do it, next invitation you get.

i still can't believe she actually wore this. and who the hell did her makeup?! she looks so lunatic. coming right out of the mad hatter's studio..

I was the only person wearing a hat at my Italian cousin's wedding and was treated like royalty. I LOVE wearing hats.

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