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01 August 2011

Stopping to smell the roses




*Taps microphone nervously* 

Hello?  Is anyone there?  Well, that was a longer blogging hiatus than I bargained for. But I hope to resume normal service from here on out.

Here are some of the thrilling things which have been happening over the last six or so weeks.

- I completed my certificate in Advanced Interactive Marketing. Now to work out what to do with it.

- We went on holiday for three weeks to the UK and then to the Greek Islands.  It was idyllic. I of course have thousands of photos to bore you with in due course (haha! you thought you could come here without SUFFERING?)

-  I have been doing the (unbelievably crackpot) Dukan diet and have lost 18lbs in 8 weeks.  Ecstatic doesn’t even begin to describe it.  Sadly there is much further to go.

- Probably as a result of the above I went down with the worst cold I’ve ever had IN. MY. LIFE which laid me low for two weeks.  I was hoping to be back blogging a bit sooner, but this is the first time I’ve been able to type without snot dribbling all over the keyboard (possibly TMI?)

- As a result of the above I lost my sense of smell for about five days. This is one of the scariest things that has ever happened to me. I haven’t realised before how very in love I am with my sense of smell and how much I take it for granted.

- We have painted our bedroom.  It looks lovely.

- We have created and planted up some raised beds. Vegetables are growing!

- I have been knitting

- Seattle’s long-delayed summer started about four days ago, only six weeks into the interminable school vacation.

- I have been making a whole metric shit-ton of jam. Jam is BANNED on the Dukan diet.

- I have missed you

I will of course be blogging some of this excitement over the next few days and weeks - together with the usual insightful and witty badinage on design and lifestyle issues of the day (yeah right – Ed) if you can force your way here through the dustbunnies and tumbleweed. 


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Hooray!! I'm glad you're back, you have been missed!!! Sorry about the cold and awesome to hear about the Dukan diet.

i have not been keeping up with blogs as of late, so i am glad i saw your post on facebook. congrats (again?) on the weight loss!

So glad to see you writing here again! I've missed your photos, and yes, even your "insightful and witty badinage". ;) Pictures of the bedroom with new paint?

Welcome back! Welcome back!

Wow you've had a busy hiatus. Welcome back!

Have learned a new word today. Excellent.
Badinage. Will use that in the future. No doubt in the course of my own fabulous badinage.
Welcome back.

Yes, I agree. "Badinage" is word worth remembering. I'm so glad you're back!

Yes, I agree. "Badinage" is word worth remembering. I'm so glad you're back!

Oh hello - I cannot tell you how pleased I am to 'see' you - have really missed your beautiful blog. Well done on the Dukan - that's fantastic and your holiday sounds amazing - look forward to hearing all about it soon.

Oh, and also well done on your Online Marketing Certificate.


glad to have you back here. healthy and relaxed. looking forward seeing all those pictures from greece. whenever i saw them on facebook i thought how lucky the minx is to go to such wonderful places at that age.
now i'm going to check out what dukan is all about. i need a plan!! xoxo

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