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16 September 2011

Food Photography Challenge – Chocolate Banana Bread


I’m still trying to work on my food photography – don’t know why, love doing it.  I’m going to set myself a weekly challenge to photograph a ‘difficult’ food subject. 




This week’s was Chocolate Banana Bread, which is basically a big brown blob.  I wanted to show the fudgey moistness and gooiness of the cake whilst introducing a bit of colour and getting everything properly exposed.

The colour bit was difficult – I had no fresh bananas left in the house, none of the other fresh ingredients are particularly colourful and flowers seemed a bit random.

In the end I settled for using my embroidered Mexican tablecloth, though I’m still wishing I had a brightly coloured cake stand or a knife with a brightly coloured handle. (More prop shopping obviously required.)

Anyway, did my photo succeed?  Does it make you want to eat the banana bread? What would you have done differently?  Critique away, I want to LEARN.

The recipe I used is here.


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It makes me want to eat it, but that's partly because I had a piece earlier, and it was DELICIOUS. :)

It makes me want to bake it......please please can I have the recipe! Looks fab x

Well, I suppose that means the photo works! The link to the recipe is above. It's the just the recipe for Chocolate Banana Bread from Nigella's How To Be A Domestic Goddess (which is a variation on her plain banana bread).

photographing food is so difficult, hard to capture the goodness but you pulled it off. this is a great food photo! makes me hungry, now i want to bake.

Before I even read the post I wanted to eat it--and since I am on a diet this is quite distressing (yours is called Dukan, mine is called lots of kale).

I might have tried to focus on the slice, and thrown the loaf into bokeh in the back. I find when things look less than pretty, focusing on smaller details can be effective.

But as I said, I wanted to eat it immediately, so mission accomplished.

Now, will you bake me some? Pretty please?

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