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20 September 2011

Van Halen Socks


I daresay I’m too old for them, but I really need to knit these socks as a matter of urgency. 


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Why am I still only thirty in my head? I think I’m starting to veer into mutton dressed as lamb territory.



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I think you're fine as long as you don't wear them with HOT pants

But of course I must wear them with hot pants. How else am I supposed to show them off?

Wow they are brilliant! But will you have time to knit them and KNIT the hot pants, for that indeed would be the ultimate way to go. I saw the nicest 'if only i could' knitted scandinavian patterned almost hot pants on a website this year, i wear them over grey woolly tights in my fantasy dressing up land. and in that land, my knees are not knobbly and pale.

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