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31 December 2011

Adventures in Knitting – Big Snowy Owl


Thought you might like to see the Minx’s knitted Christmas present – that you managed to guess so cunningly -   in all its final glory.


bigsnowyowl (1 of 1)

Snowy owl on snowy balcony in snowy Whistler


I have to say that this was a rather frustrating knit. 

Being my usual organised self, I’d left it until Christmas Eve to finish the top of the head and the face when disaster struck and I ran out of white yarn before I’d even managed to finish the ears. This despite having purchased the recommended yarn, used the recommended size needles and knitted to the recommended gauge.

So I had to rip the head back, miss out some rounds without giving him too truncated an appearance and reknit.  This time I managed to scrape through to the end, though I still didn’t have enough white yarn to add a white circle to the eyes as in the pattern.  You can imagine how thrilled I was by this at 3 am on Christmas morning.


bigsnowyowl2 (1 of 1)


All, however, is well that ends well. The owl is gorgeously soft, smooshy and snuggly and big enough to make for very satisfying cuddles (here he is sitting next to a standard-sized cushion). The Minx is also very fond of ‘Owly’, which makes a change.

More details on my Ravelry page. You can find the pattern here courtesy of the Purl Bee.  I DON’T recommend using their suggested yarn though.


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A snowman? Have to admit, my first thought was hat :)

Darn it! Don't suppose you're making her a bag/purse?

Looks like it could be a knitted ball or a stocking knitted from the base up?

ottoman/small stool cover?

See I've cheated and had a look on your Ravelry queue. So I know what it is (and who)... Do I win your admiration for research and diligence to the cause or have I just been sneaky?? Won't say here just in case people are enjoying playing along for now! ;-)

I said first person to GUESS not cheat. Not a single iota of admiration coming your way.

It's cool though n'est-ce pas?

I'd say an owl. I have one in my mind since seeing a very cute one. No access to big yarn until now, but it would be way cool. Now you made me think of it, I'll go back trying to find where I saw it...


Christmas sulk

But the judge's word is final and the call is fair.

Happy knitting - looking forward to seeing if the newest addition is a bigger hit than last year! xxx

Are you making one of those Purl Owls? I love those things!

Tea cosy?

A pretty little cape for the Minx?


so cute!! i love the pattern on the body. hm...i just don't have time for new projects!!

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