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16 February 2012

Animated Valentine




I dug out this little flip book I made the other day, and thought I’d share it with you, even though the great day has passed, as it’s obviously an idea you can let your imagination run wild with throughout the year.

The Minx and I made this a couple of years back when she was five and old enough to wield a pen. I dressed the Minx up, stuck her against a white background (I should have moved her a little to the right to leave room for making ribbon holes on the left).

I made ten copies of the photo and then asked the Minx to draw one heart on the first picture, two hearts on the second picture, three hearts on the third picture and then so on up to ten.  You get the idea. She also wrote a message on the back of the last picture.


image0-1 image0-2
image0 image0-3


I then tied the photos together with a pretty ribbon (and yes the holes are on the wrong side, but we couldn’t be bothered to do the whole thing again) so the Husband could flick through the book.


animatedvalentine (1 of 1)


Of course this post is mostly about showing off that I learned to make animated gifs in Photoshop at Blogshop last week. Let me know if an animated gif tutorial on the blog would be of interest.



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That is just beautiful! I'm stealing that idea next year :-) I just found your beautiful blog and have a question, I saw in a previous post you have the most beautiful bread bin I have EVER seen and I am totally obsessing about getting one - could you please tell me where you got it? I shan't sleep till I know ;-)

Marvelous work pals, I love reading your articles.

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