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09 March 2012

WTF Friday




From the Sartorialist.

‘Trust me, French young ladies are still the ones to look to for the most aspirational new trends. The newest thing I’ve seen in the streets here in Paris are straight, wide leg jeans. Not flared or oversized jeans, but jeans with a wide leg hemmed right at the ankle and reasonably fitted at the waist. It seems simple, but in order to work the look just right the eye will have to adjust to this new proportion.’




Do you mean to say that I’ve lost all this weight just so I can look like a plumber? PLEASE someone tell me that this trend won’t take off.

Or am I missing something important here?



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Oh, this is heartbreaking. (and congratulations on your weight loss - you look fabulous)

it is appalling

I know that I will sound uninformed and blasphemous when I say this but I wouldn't worry too much about what French girls are wearing on the street. They're always trying something out and not always successful. It is not the hotbed of chic or edge it purports to be.

When I was in my twenties (1980) and travelled around Europe... in Paris they were trying to pass off a long skirt, flower child, messy haired gypsy look that no one else was sporting in London or the smallest coastal towns of Italy...and THAT look died in Paris that summer. Once the French girls realize that plumber pant legs make their ass look big…they’ll stop wearing them. Ha!

80s revival chic? Drab chic? Hobo chic? I-wear-my-boyfriend's-clothes chic?

@Lilian Not chic?

@Bianca I so hope you're right...

Oh and thanks @michele, though if I'd only known that it was FASHIONABLE to have a fat ass...

Incidentally, tell me that the young lady in the second photo is not wearing socks with her slip on mules??? I only do that at midnight when I take the trash out.

Haha!@Bianca. You're so TRENDY :)

Hate to break it to you but Paris is usually about a couple of years a head of us in style. Link back to this post in 2014 when we are all wearing pants like this - and thinking that they look great!

I find it funny sometimes when something comes in style and my first reaction is "eewwwww". And then six months later I am wearing it. I swear I am not THAT much of a lemming! Promise!

I promise you that in 2014 I will still be 5'1" with no discernible waist and I will NOT be thinking these look great.

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