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04 April 2012

Meet My New Office Manager


So as mirrormirror begins its quest for world blogging domination, I thought it was about time I brought in a new office manager to get things organised round here.



Remember when I pre-ordered a Joan Holloway Barbie doll?  AGES ago?  And how I was looking for a suitable mid-century Barbie-sized 1:6 scale chair to sit her on? (Which was not an incredibly expensive Vitra Miniature)

Well when I was in New York last month I finally found what I was looking for in the MOMA shop – a 1:6 scale Panton chair (also available online at Lexington Modern in a variety of colours).

So today I finally unpacked Ms Holloway from her cardboard coffin and brought her in to kick some ass.


joan-holloway-barbie (1 of 6) joan-holloway-barbie (2 of 6)

joan-holloway-barbie (5 of 6)


Unfortunately I hadn’t reckoned on the fact that she doesn’t have jointed knees, so after all that she looks rather ridiculous sitting on her Panton chair.  And her skirt is so tight it rides up and shows the tops of her stockings. Not that I expect the real Joan would have minded that though.


joan-holloway-barbie (4 of 6)


Maybe I should have bought her the Vitra Miniature Saarinen Womb Chair and Ottoman after all. (Haha! No. Have you seen the price?)

I have to say that the attention to detail on this Barbie is wonderful, from her carefully painted finger and toenails, to the seams in her stockings and her exquisite jewellery.  I’ve never had a Collector’s Edition Barbie before and I adore her.



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oh my gosh she is SO awesome! my boyfriend's grandmother collects barbies, perhaps that would be a good one for her collection. Oh, Joanie

Love the detail of the pen on the chain around her neck! I hope that you're planning on giving her a raise too - she REALLY does run the office...

Love it! But for once I think Barbie's boobs may not be big enough to be like the real thing! ;)

@Sandra. She can have a raise when my office is tidy. And yes the pen her neck is AWE-some.

@Misty. You're right, even though they're silicone.

My daughter used to collect Barbie dolls when she was a little girl so I´ve copied the url to this page and sent it to her.

Mind you she is 18 now.

Your office will definitely be working in top form now!

I am afraid that you have gone off the deep end.

In the best way possible.

She STILL hasn't tidied my desk. You just can't get the staff nowadays...

Hilarious. Trying not to laugh to obviously at my desk.

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