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18 May 2012

WTF Friday: Tom Cruise for W Magazine



I have no words. 



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What will Siri think?

Can't discuss, because I am freaking speechless.

Well I think we're all going to need some therapy after looking at these pictures.

heebie jeebies
and maybe nightmares

You have no words? How about, 'eew'. That seems like a good word. A VERY good word under the circumstances.

ugh, gross! Why is it so obscene to see Tom Cruise this way?

@cheyhorn. That is a VERY good question. Maybe because it is SO not him?

Also I'd love to know how big the box is he's standing on. I once passed him in the street in London and he is microscopically small.

The ab paint job in the first one is especially bizarre, though I'd rather look a these than those Chuck Close pictures of Brad Pitt they did awhile back.

@Becky. I love that you came back for a second look/comment :)

my initial reaction was...ooohhhhh nnnooooo.....then i felt a twinge to be sick.

I would dearly love to unsee that. Really, really wrong.

Repulsive. Repugnant. And I love your comment about him standing on a box!! Ha! So true.

Just went to the "W" site. Honestly??? None of these photos are believable which is what makes them so ridiculous. Poor Katie and Suri.

This looks like a grab at fast fading youth to me. Tom Cruise is getting past the sexy young hunk stage, apparently moving towards the role of jaded, raddled roue. And when I think of him in Risky Business....sigh.

You have no words because clearly there are no words. I don't even understand what could possibly be the editorial bent here. eesh

He just looks so uncomfortable and it just doesn't go with his whole persona - ick.

Definitely not impressed. This is so far away from my idea of Tom Cruise, I just can't digest this whole thing. I've seen much better shots... and this is just wrong.

A VERY good word under the circumstances. I don't even understand what could possibly be the editorial bent here. No words.

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