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19 June 2012

Pinterest Take 5: Colour Dipped Everything


It started with these, which you have no doubt seen if you have eyes and a Pinterest account.


Dipped utensils by Little Bit Funky via Making It Lovely


Soon the whole world was dipping things in paint…


Dipped cans by Maya via Anna Johanson


and posting up tutorials…




Dipped chopsticks from Poppytalk via Martha Staples


Then the Etsy shops got in on the act.




Neon dipped bowls from Wind & Willow Home via Anne DeOtte


And now everything is being dipped in colour.



Cutest ever baby shoes from Schier Shoes via Oh Joy


Personally I love this trend. You?



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I love the dipped cans and chopsticks and sweet little shoes, but, even though I love the colors, I would never dip such beautiful wooden spoons in paint.

Yep, love it for sure. I have a whole pile of things from the goodwill waiting to be dipped

Your post is awesome!!!Now that summer is back I need colours surounding me, I´m fed up of having to deal with the grey of winter.

Definitely love the trend, can be worked in so many ways, brights, neutrals, tonal, clash and all look fresh (for the next week or so anyway... :)!! )

I have a few pics from my recent Roman adventure that show this trend in flats. Love it in orange and pink, neutral on the yellow.

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