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28 August 2012

A Morning of Raspberry Macarons


It is Tuesday and there are no freaking macarons in my house. I know this because for some reason I’ve been craving them all morning and a thorough excavation of my kitchen cupboards has not yielded a single delicate French confection.  When the Minx goes back to school next week (may the heavens and all the saints and angels be praised), I will MAKE some.




But in the meantime all I have are some photos I took at Patisserie Camp, way back at the beginning of the summer. Sadly these will have to do.

Take it away Chef Jean-Marc.

Make a nice almondy macaron mix and colour it baby pink (I’ll put up a recipe when I’ve had a chance to make and test some, in the meantime just treat this as afternoon food porn).


raspberry-macarons-6 raspberry-macarons-7
raspberry-macarons-4 raspberry-macarons-5


Pipe hundreds of the little darlings out on a bunch of baking sheets and whip up a little raspberry jam.


raspberry-macarons-3 raspberry-macarons-13


Bake until crisp




Fill with jam




Sandwich them together and Robert est ton oncle. (Do Americans say ‘and Bob’s your uncle’ too?  I’ve never had a clue where that comes from).

raspberry-macarons-12 raspberry-macarons




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Did you and I have the "Bob's your uncle" conversation, or was that someone else? We use it in Canada as well, though somewhat tongue in cheek these days. Following some puzzlement with XXX about it, I looked up this: Though why Florrie Forde's uncle Bob is considered so darn smart remains a mystery.

And lovely little pastries, glad they're not in my house right now, either. It would not be pretty.

I'm not generally a fan of pink, but for these I'd make an exception. In the US, I think only Anglophiles use "Bob's your uncle."

Not sure if Americans say Bob is your uncle, but "Robert est ton oncle" is unknown to me :)
Looking forward to you doing the macarons ... I've wanted to do some for a long time, so will be interested in any tips.

We tried to make macaroons two years ago - WHAT a failure! I'd love to see how yours turn out.

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