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11 September 2012

Fancy Hotel of the Week: Babington House



Babington House’s cute little chapel

When it comes to fancy hotels, it’s not after all the décor or the food or the mattresses or the service which is the most important thing. It’s the ambience. That indefinable, indescribable ‘je ne sais quoi’.  That combination of all the aforementioned and more, which infuses the whole experience, and determines whether you’ll want to return.

Some hotels go for glamour, others for grandeur, some go for hipness and others prize efficiency.  At Babington House they do relaxation and and laid-back comfort on an epic scale. The sort of deep relaxation you’d love to experience at home -  if only the house were tidy, the chores were done and the kids were somewhere else. And if home really were a beautiful old stone country house with hundreds of years of history and its own stone chapel set deep in the English countryside.



The grounds and pool are scattered with gloriously huge and comfortable loungers


This summer was our first time back at Babington since the Minx was born and we were not disappointed, if anything it was even more beautiful and cheerfully laid back than ever.



Two storey ‘suite’ with its own terrace and gigantic bath


Babington House

How do they achieve this? Well stunning décor, which gives the whole place a modern ‘country house’ vibe helps a lot. As does the beautiful planting throughout the grounds. Seriously it’s impossible to take a bad photo in this place.

The rooms are incredible. We were in a two-storey family suite with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a small outside roof terrace, all equipped with every possible creature comfort.

The food is fabulous.  Classic and beautifully cooked comfort food at its very finest, served in either a beautiful formal dining room, the ‘deli’ where you could wander in whenever you want for coffee, breakfast or kids’ supper, or outside on the lawn.



Breakfast. I wanted to steal all their ‘props’.


Add to that a ton of squashy loungers, deep leather sofas and soft velvet armchairs; unbelievably friendly staff; enormous and beautiful indoor and outdoor pools; funky chandeliers; quirky artwork; an exceptionally accommodating attitude towards the Minx and a bar which serves the most delicious caipirinhas known to man, and you’re onto a winner in my book.


Babington House1




Babington House2

This time we paid for all hotel accommodation ourselves.  It was worth every penny believe me.  Do treat yourselves next time you’re out in the Somerset countryside. Babington House, we will be back.


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Ooh I always wanted to go there. Next time take me - i can do blonde with pig-tails, just like the minx ;)

Lovely pictures. It is such a joy to find somewhere chic that still works with children - neither dominated by screaming brats, nor requiring one to "shush" them endlessly. A fine line to tread.

Particularly like that rather aggressive green in the bar.

Fabulous photos, Paola! I don't how/why that bar works, but it does. Even the pink ottoman! I never think of 'fancy hotels' as my cup of tea, but this one...hmmm...when I next find myself in the UK at loose ends....

Very Jane Austen, with modern amenities! Did the balloons mark the chairs for children?

How beautiful! I love the combintation of modern and classic, and that deep turquoise! Super pretty

Looks like a lovely place!

The turquoise walls are exquisite indeed. A similar shade to the Book Larder.

I think I am not fancy enough to stay here. Do they serve Pimm's?

@nazila I'm sure they serve Pimm's. I'm just always waylaid by their caipirinhas.

@everyone else I agree about the turquoise walls. They looked stunning. I think I feel another blog post coming on.

Gorgeous hotel. Looks very peaceful. My favorite room has to be the blue bar/lounge. Also like the stunning bathtub!

I adore the bar with the balloon like lights. It looks like a party waiting to happen. The chandalier is gorgerous and think a scaled back version would be wonderful in my daughter's imaginary room. The place does look inviting, comfy but also makes you feel very special, I imagine. Going back to work now but dreaming of my next escape from reality. Thanks for transporting me to a dreamy place.

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