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29 September 2012

Saturday Link Love




At Piebox, they create raw pine boxes designed to transport a 9 inch pie safely and easily.  I may well be investing in one of these.


Inaki Aliste Lizarralde draws incredibly detailed floorplans of the dwellings in famous TV shows. The post I wrote several years ago about Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment still gets hundreds of hits a week.




In Fictitious Dishes, Dinah Fried recreates iconic food of literature in her food photography.  Here’s the grilled cheese from ‘Heidi’  that sounded so delicious when I was a child.




Sheri Silver has been making fruit leather from all the excess fruit sitting in her fridge and I must do the same, since we’ve been going a little crazy picking wild blackberries recently.




Lotta Jansdotter is launching a new line at Fishs Eddy.  The above invitation is from her Facebook page.

Have a great weekend!  I will be going to the North West Chocolate Fest tomorrow. Anyone else got some exciting plans?



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Lotta photographic eye candy...pies,grilled cheese and fruit leathers. It's naughty thinking about food at this hour.

I think I'll go lie down...with a piece of pie.


Also, Carrie Bradshaw's floor plan...first time I've seen it and I immediately sent if off to my daughter who's living in res at her university. Never watched a single episode of Sex and the City until she grew up and passed along her love for the script writing. We'd watch reruns on our Friday nights girl's Jama Parties. Of course we loved the fashion, the humour, the camaraderie, the interiors...well there was so much (and there was Aidan). I loved the first movie (except where she went a little ape-doo-doo with her bridal bouquet), but not so much the second. Hope if they make one more that they really think it out. My daughter is doing a semester in Paris starting this January (boohoo) and she's planning on wearing that polkadot dress that Carrie wore.

Awesome event you got going on around here. How do you get to attend?

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