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28 September 2012

WTF Friday: Prada Spring 2013 Shoes


prada shoes spring 2013


Here are Miuccia Prada’s latest shoes.  Apparently the ‘socks’ are soft leather booties to which you can strap different shoe platforms. I’m not sure that makes them better or worse.

I have to admit that though my first reaction to these was ‘WTF?’ as I’ve been putting this post together I’ve come to appreciate them more as, I dunno, performance art or something.

And if I were very tall and very skinny and very rich, I might be tempted to wear the pink ones with skinny jeans and a simple cashmere sweater.

What do you chaps think?



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no. words.

Quick, hand me a paper bag...I think I'm going to be sss........


Sandals with (zip-up leather) socks. No. Way.

I think they are ridiculous..

Do people really intend to walk on this?

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