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19 October 2012

WTF Friday: Mercedes Castro Menswear


Since I’ve just finished knitting something for myself, I feel it’s only fair that I knit a little something something for the Husband don’t you think?







{Mercedes Castro Fall-Winter 2012 via Rose-Kim Knits}



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Oh God, that's hilarious, the second photo from the top looks like something a 6month old would be embarrassed to be seen in!

Casting call for the Zoolander sequel...

You know, I'm the first one to complain that there's nothing radically new in fashion...same old, same old. Looking at these woolies, however, I stand corrected.

That being said...this wasn't the kind of exciting stuff I'd like to see my man in. Photo #3 is seriously Dr. Seuss!


Sorry, folks, I couldn't hold it in.


Oh golly! I can't think of any man I know or have ever known who would wear these knit kits. It's fun to imagine though....

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