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08 February 2013

WTF Friday: Our Upstairs Bathroom


This week we have a real WTF doozy.




I promised you pictures of the upstairs bathroom which we’re finally going to have remodelled. And here they are.

We have the same green laminate countertops as in the kitchen, this time paired with baby poop brown walls.






We have the same orange-y brown wood panelled ceiling as the kitchen.




And thoughtful design touches such as the green glass bricks, which match the green tiles in the bath surround and on the floor.




Together with some charming fixtures and fittings (and built in speakers in the ceiling and toilet ????)


Upstairsbathroombefore-2-2 Upstairsbathroombefore-8


Obviously you’re all jealous of such gorgeousness, but seriously WTF were they thinking?

Kitchen remodel starts on Monday. Bathroom remodel starts a couple of weeks later. I so cannot wait.



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OK, now some funny "Top Ten Songs To Pee To" kind of ideas are going through my head after seeing your toilet speakers!

@becky. You HAVE to make me a playlist. Anyone else got any ideas?

If you still had a toddler I'd recommend the Poopsmith Song, but it wouldn't resonate with you as much these days. (Toddler parents reading this, if you don't know it, you need it.
You've mentioned having a kitchen upstairs and down; do you have laundry up and down too? I guess your home was a duplex at one time? Anyway, it's definitely exciting that you get a remodel but I envy two things about your bathroom just as it is: 1)big tub, and 2)I've always wanted a bathroom where I could relax in the bath without being right next to the toilet. And there's also plenty of room, by Seattle neighborhood standards. Nice!

Ha! Here for posterity is the FABULOUS playlist Becky just sent me. Keep them coming and I'll make a Spotify playlist or something. The Internet is an awesome place....

Roses - Outkast

Piss- Pantera

8675309 Jenny - Tommy Tutone

Meetin' in the Ladies Room - Klymaxx

Piss on the Wall - J. Geils Band

She Came in Through the Bathroom Window - The Beatles

Toilet Tisha - Outkast

Don't Drink the Water - Dave Matthews Band

Make It Rain - Travis Porter --- or ----

--- Here Comes the Rain Again - Eurythmics

I Got S**t - Pearl Jam (you know, local Seattle...)

The Poop Song- The Toilet Bowl Cleaners

That was fun. I'll never outgrow bathroom humor!

Surely anything by LOU Reed??? xx

Ocean Drive by the Light House Family. My fave xx

Draw a bath, light the candles, dim the lights and it's time for surround sound karaoke!

I thought my bathrooms were bad, but green glass bricks trump everything.

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