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20 June 2013

Things I Am Loving: The Secret Garden


Pssst. Don’t tell the Minx, but I just bought her a colouring book for our plane ride at the weekend.




Well, to be more accurate I’ve just bought myself a colouring book, as I’m sure she would probably prefer to be plugged into an electronic device of some sort.

But honestly, who in their right mind could resist the intricate and magical pen and ink drawings in Secret Garden by ‘ink evangelist’ Johanna Basford?






Twelve hours on a plane doesn’t seem nearly so long now. (Check out this review from the Guardian, which includes some printable pages to download).

Speaking of The Secret Garden, which remains one of my favourite children’s books of all time, check out these beautiful clothbound keepsake editions of children’s classics from Puffin, designed by the amazing Daniela Terrazzini.










As the mother of an utterly voracious and rather advanced reader I’m the finding the classics to be one of the best ways of giving the Minx age-appropriate reading material. I understand from the Internet that these beautiful books can be hard to track down, but we found ours at the weekend in Seattle’s wonderful Elliott Bay Bookstore. Some are also available on Amazon. (There are some more boy-friendly options too.)

I, er the Minx, can’t wait to read them.



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oh wow, niece #4 loves drawing detailed geometric patterns and colouring them in, i'm sure she would love this. must investigate...

And if not you can always nab it from her, yes? (I'm secretly hoping the Minx hates hers...)

Those books are just stunning! Your daughter sounds like me at that age... I practically gobbled books whole. Has she read "Mandy" by Julie Andrews (Edwards)? It was one of my favorites, very much along the lines of The Secret Garden. I also loved "Island of the Blue Dolphins" by Scott O'Dell.

Oh my goodness...I would have gone totally bonkers for that coloring book at the Minx's age. I still might.

And I second the rec for "Island of the Blue Dolphins"!

Absolutely beautiful coloring book and post! Thanks so much for sharing this lovely one! Home For Handmade

thnks for sharing

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