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30 May 2013

Things I Am Loving: Art et Manufacture


Continuing on my dangerous Helene Dujardin-fuelled shopping spree (goodness that woman has a lot to answer for), I have been making my way down her list of great prop providers and spending far too much money.



These utterly gorgeous ceramics from Art et Manufacture are worth every penny though.

I love how the shapes they use are modern yet timeless and the blue and white patterns are utterly contemporary while calling back to Delftware and other traditional blue and white china. Very European, utterly chic and completely inspired.










The sweet little espresso cups and bowl below are MINE though.  Look out for them in a food photograph near you.



09 May 2013

Things I Am Loving: Wind & Willow Home


It’s been an expensive morning.




One of the more unexpectedly dangerous aspects of doing a workshop with Helene Dujardin was the list of favourite prop suppliers she sent us after the course. And after three days playing with all her gorgeous things it was impossible to resist going shopping. 




My first stop was at Wind & Willow Home.  Helene had a stack of these little wooden bowls in an array of colours, perfect for salt, oil or spices and for adding a little unexpected touch to a tabletop setting.  And  of course you could also use them for actual FOOD rather than just as a photography prop.

They’re incredibly tactile too. Etsy artist Araya Jensen starts with beautifully turned bowls and spoons and then hand dips each of them in a synthetic rubber in custom-mixed colours. 

The beauty lies in the timeless organic quality of the wood combined with the soft modern rubber in a host of contemporary colours.




These walnut bowls are incredibly special.  Trying to work out if I can afford them.




I REALLY want that plate too.





I was in yet another Creative Live workshop during the early part of this week, so apologies for lack of bloggery.  So much to catch up on over the next week or so – more from Vancouver, more from the Gulf Shores photo workshop, more prop suppliers and the KITCHEN AND BATHROOM REMODEL IS SCHEDULED TO FINISH TOMORROW.  Quite honestly it’s looking to me like there’s about six months work left to do, but the contractors seem confident.

I so cannot wait.


12 March 2013

Things I Am Loving: Nicole Porter Hardwood Bowls


Yet more things I don’t have either the money or room for.  They’re absolutely stunning though.




Buy these unique handpainted wooden bowls, plates and servers at or on her Etsy shop and then send them to me.


12 February 2013

Things I Am Loving: Doodle Bowls


I’m sitting here gently blogging to the sound of banging, the odd crash, and builders noisily chatting about skateboarding.  Yes, the kitchen remodel is underway.  We spent a glamorous weekend taking a huge mountain of STUFF out of our upstairs kitchen and making the downstairs kitchen one where actual food can be cooked (until now we’ve most used it to make breakfast). 

I knew I had a lot of kitchen paraphernalia, but seeing it all boxed up is rather mindblowing. Anyway, onwards and upwards. April 26th can’t come quickly enough as far as I’m concerned.

Just time for a quickie today.




Saw these wooden Doodle Bowls and Plates from HappyDoodleLand on Pinterest (where else) and loved them. Unfortunately the artist doesn’t seem to be selling them at the moment (though her prints are also super cute).

But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to doodle as creatively as Flora Cha?



doodlebowl6 doodlebowl5PNG doodlebowl4



26 November 2012

Things I Am Loving: Studio Mela


As it’s Cyber Monday and I’m awesomely well-organised (haha! :- Ed), I’m sitting at my desk gently shopping for Christmas presents for the Minx.


studiomela4 studiomela5


Since she is now almost eight years old (how the heck did THAT happen?) I ‘m trying to get her a few more things which will still be very much loved and appreciated, but don’t fit into the ‘plastic tat made in China’ genre of presents.


studiomela3 studiomela6


First up are these gorgeous prints from Studio Mela. I love how artist Shelli Dorfe’s charming illustrations are ridiculously cute, colourful and inspirational enough for any small girl, but never quite make it across the borderline into twee.


StudioMela1 studiomela8


Just the thing for the discerning girlchild in your life.


studiomela7 studiomela2

Here is the Studio Mela Etsy shop, which is offering free shipping this Cyber Monday.


19 June 2012

Pinterest Take 5: Colour Dipped Everything


It started with these, which you have no doubt seen if you have eyes and a Pinterest account.


Dipped utensils by Little Bit Funky via Making It Lovely


Soon the whole world was dipping things in paint…


Dipped cans by Maya via Anna Johanson


and posting up tutorials…




Dipped chopsticks from Poppytalk via Martha Staples


Then the Etsy shops got in on the act.




Neon dipped bowls from Wind & Willow Home via Anne DeOtte


And now everything is being dipped in colour.



Cutest ever baby shoes from Schier Shoes via Oh Joy


Personally I love this trend. You?


01 March 2012

Things I Am Loving: Freshly Picked Desk Accessories




The problem with Pinterest and Instagram is the constant stream of beautiful STUFF that is being constantly paraded under your nose.  How is a person to resist?

A recent Pinstagram-driven purchase was a lovely tan and gold leather mousemat from Freshly Picked, which I first saw on sfgirlbybay’s Instagram stream.

Susan from Freshly Picked makes the most beautiful tiny moccasins for babies (which almost make me wish the Minx was tiny again) and also the most delicious painted leather mousemats and pen holders, originally available in either a subtle gold, white or charcoal.




I love my mat’s stark simplicity (which contrasts well with my floral desk) and the fact that it is high quality painted leather makes it easy to keep clean (er, quite a lot of food ends up on my mouse mat) and means it will only become softer and more supple with age.

Which is a bit of a bummer because I am now craving one of Susan’s new neon mouse mats rather desperately.







Buy your mousemat here. Please don’t tell me if you get a neon one.


07 February 2012

Blogshop Goodie Bag


blogshop seattle goodie bag (1 of 1)


I’m still processing Blogshop but thought I’d take a moment to go through the rather nice goodie bag we were given, full of crafty goodness from a bunch of new-to-me Seattle names.

Clockwise from left:

Cute graphic tote bag: rather delicious pesto; very wearable turquoise earrings; psychedelic art cookies; green nautical rope bracelet; cut & fold paper polyhedra ornaments (the Minx and I are thinking of making these for our Easter tree this year); gorgeously scented soap; a handmade Valentines’card; a vintage postcard; some graphic gift tags (I also won a notebook by the same artist in the raffle) and finally the latest edition of Hoarse, Seattle’s occasional literary magazine.

There are some interesting shops and blogs in this list, some of which I’ll be featuring at a later date, so do click through.

Thanks so much everyone!


17 August 2011

Beautiful British Food


Funnily enough, given that I was brought up by, and learned to cook from, an Italian woman and cook in a very Italian way myself, I have found myself being a bit of an unofficial ambassador for British food here in Seattle, where it’s as much maligned as it is everywhere else on the planet.

I tend to make classic British dishes for potlucks and gatherings (people are so surprised that British food can actually taste good) and really want the Minx to grow up understanding her culinary heritage in the land of mac 'n’ cheese and pumpkin pie.

New Zealander Joel Penkman moved to the UK and started painting beautifully detailed portraits of classic British foodstuffs which make me want to weep with nostalgia.

Every British kid grew up on these biscuits.




No trip to the seaside was complete without a stick of rock to take home.




My favourite ice lolly.  At least until they invented Magnums.




No kid’s birthday party was complete without Fondant Fancies, though my mum had enough of a fear of food colouring that we never had them at home.




Custard tarts.  Always hated those.




And pork pie. One of the top five things I miss most about the UK here in Seattle. I think I would cry if I had this picture on my kitchen wall.




Joel’s website is here. Buy her prints here.

30 March 2011

Soraam Cushions, Mats and Cupcakes


Last week I did my first ever paid photography assignment.  Soojin, the graphic designer behind Etsy shop Soraam saw my photos with Uncle Beefy’s cupcakes and asked me to do a little product shoot with her.




Here are some of the results.  Her pre-washed linen placemats and cushion covers - hand-printed with her own beautiful designs - really are stunning. I particularly love the placemats, which are designed to look equally good with or without plates.

The cupcakes are again courtesy of Uncle Beefy, as I’d fortuitously frozen some of the previous batch (cupcakes freeze really well by the way).

‘Soraam’ means ‘take a look with a smile on your face’ in Korean. You really can’t help yourself can you?



21 March 2011

Help the Sun Rise Again


Like everyone else I have been watching events in Japan unfold and have been alternately horrified by the extent of the tragedy and destruction and amazed by the resilience, grace and charm of the Japanese people.

Many people throughout the design and crafting community are doing their bit to help the relief effort and here’s little round up of some of the most beautiful products available to purchase, with at least a portion of the profits going to disaster relief.




Jacob Cass from Just Creative Design is making the above image free for people who want to use it to create artwork and products to the help the relief effort. More details here.




thispapership is donating 90% of the proceeds on the above print to the American Red Cross




The Rusted Chain will be donating $10 from the sale of every ‘Blessed’ necklace to





Once these limited edition Land of the Rising Kitten block prints have sold out $1,000 will be donated to disaster relief.




100% of the proceeds from sales of the above tee-shirt will go to help the Salvation Army’s relief efforts in Japan.




Cassia Beck is donating 50% of the proceeds of her photographic prints.




All profits from the sale of the above poster to disaster relief.




All the profits from this limited edition lavender cologne “For Them’ by Parisian perfumer Libertin Louison will be donated to disaster relief. The cologne is dedicated to the town of Minami Sanriku which disappeared after the tsunami. Details here. Buy it here


These are just a few of the things I’ve come across over the last week or so. Please feel free to add links in the comments if you spot other beautiful products being sold to help the disaster relief or if you’re donating a portion of the profits from your own shop. 

08 March 2011

Beefcakes & Doilies


Uncle Beefy, as well as being one of the best bloggers on the Interwebulator, also makes the most incredible  cupcakes I’ve ever tasted anywhere. 




His cakes are perfection in a mouthful – not remotely dry and with a satisfying crumb that is neither too stodgy nor disappointingly ethereal.  Each is topped with the precisely the right amount of not-too-sweet frosting, exploding with fresh authentic flavours.  I truly have never had a better cupcake, my own sadly included.


IMG_7971 IMG_7973


And they are oh so pretty. On Sunday he gave me one box of lemon cupcakes with fresh strawberry frosting and another box of chocolate chip cakes with a creamy caramel frosting, which was brushed with golden lustre dust, and the same champagne colour as extremely expensive satin underwear.




Unless we can persuade Monsieur LeBoeuf  to open a worldwide mail order business, you may never get to taste these beauties, but I though you might at least want to look and drool.

The beautiful linen tablemat is from Soraam on Etsy.  I met its creator Soojin Yum at a recent Seattle foodie event. Her gorgeous linens are all handprinted using water-based inks on natural materials and come in lots of beautiful designs. Well worth checking out.


08 December 2010

Adventures in Knitting – French Press Slippers


I’ve been knitting away at other things apart from sock monkeys, trying to get everything off my books by the end of the year, so I can start the New Year with some lovely new knitting projects. So I’ve got a couple of finished items to show you.




These babies are one of the best projects I’ve ever completed.  Because they’re made of thick wool felt, the slippers are toasty warm and because they’re shrunk to fit your feet precisely, they’re INCREDIBLY comfortable. Seriously they’re going to have to be surgically removed from my feet I’ve been wearing them so much.

Firstly you knit and seam together a large ‘shoe’ from chunky wool.  I used Araucania Nature Wool Chunky, which felts delightfully and, because it is hand-dyed, has a pleasingly mottled depth of colour. I have to admit that the project doesn’t look entirely prepossessing at this stage.




Then I threw them into my ‘Wonder Washer’ washing bucket, together with an old tennis shoe.   If you’re ever going to do any felting ever in your life, then I can’t recommend this highly enough. It gives you such control over the process (and is great for washing handknits etc. too).

The slippers took about 20 minutes to felt down to an acceptable size. I then felted them for three minutes at a time and kept trying them on wet until they were perfectly sized for my feet.

After drying and a haircut (for the slippers not me), I sewed on the straps, which are felted separately. I finished the slippers off with beautiful handmade wooden buttons from OruAka on Etsy.




I think I’m probably the last knitter on Earth to make these slippers which have been all over Ravelry in the last year or so.  If you’re the other knitter on Earth who hasn’t made them yet, then the pattern is available on the French Press Knits blog here, which is also worth checking out for all sorts of cool craft and knitting projects. My project page on Ravelry is here, which shows the mods I made to make these from chunky wool instead of the worsted/dk weight recommended.


14 October 2010

Go Love Your Office - Etsy HQ


Once upon a time when the Internet was still young and I was working as a management consultant, I remember musing with a few folks that it would be a great idea to set up a ‘shopping engine’ for craftspeople and artists to give them a standard template shop under one umbrella and save them the hassle of setting up their own websites and doing their own independent marketing.

Yes, things would be very different round here if I’d held that thought and founded Etsy, rather than just sitting on my arse.

Perhaps I would be working in gorgeous offices such as these. Etsy’s HQ in Brooklyn has been designed by Hangar Design Group to reflect the quirky, colourful, handmade nature of the brand and decorated using many pieces commissioned or bought from Etsy sellers. 




Those lamps are incredible, does anyone know where they were sourced? I’ve been searching everywhere. And I love the crochet granny blankets on the wall.




The combination of geeks and gingham is such a winner I find.




Junkprints installed the record wall




The desks are all handmade. And see the ‘Craft’ area to the left below? Every office should have one.




Plush toy makers Zooguu designed the individual phone rooms. This has made the Husband and I are consider installing a British phone booth door chez nous, though for the full authentic touch I hope the room beyond stinks of stale urine and cigarettes.




plush_room2 villain_room



Seriously, there are about a thousand fabulous ideas to steal in all this, though I am left wondering whether all the geeky programmers feel comfortable in this space – in the startups I’ve worked at, the geek squad seemed to think pizza boxes and beer cans were decorative objects.

{via SwissMiss}

29 September 2010

Thing I Am Loving – Erin Flett Pillows


What a shame my birthday has just passed, as I’m rather enamoured of these and can think of quite a few places they’d fit in our house. I may have to sneak one or two in.

The cushions are hand silk-screened on sturdy barkcloth by graphic designer Erin Flett in a variety of gorgeous on trend colours.








I think this chair is crying out for one, don’t you? Going to see if I can get some in the shop too. Find Erin at and buy her pillows on Etsy.



05 August 2010

Things I Am Loving – Wobbly Bowls


One of the things I learned at Lara Ferroni’s food styling photography workshops is that food props should be small, so as to make the food look ample and luscious, and preferably have texture and colour help too, to add visual interest.  (Check out also this fascinating series of guest posts on food props at  Lucullian Delights.)


il_430xN.161695081 il_fullxfull.161805734

il_fullxfull.123068174 il_fullxfull.161804918

{Images above from Atelier BB}

So I was delighted to come across these delightful little wobbly plates and bowls in dozens of bright intoxicating colours from Atelier BB on Etsy.  Each bowl and plate is made of thick glazed ceramic and imprinted with different lacy designs for extra texture.

I bought a few little plates for my new ‘food styling prop cupboard’ (how VERY Martha Stewart of me) and will probably be buying quite a few more.




And yes, they DO make food look good. Here’s a very quick snap of some potato and beetroot gratin which we had for dinner last night and which was DIVINE. I’ll make it for you guys with pictures next time we get beets in the organic box.



04 August 2010

Things I Am Loving – Crochet Covered Stones




Stones and beaches and kids and summer go together, like well, stones and beaches and kids and summer.

Everytime we hit the beach supposedly ‘beeyootiful’ stones get delivered with regularity to my beach towel. The heaviness of my bag is due not just to the sunscreen and goggles and bags full of cherries I carry everywhere but also to the stones I keep finding in the pockets.

A collection of large stones from French beaches even found their way into the Minx’s little roller suitcase to take back to Seattle, though, since we are cruel parents, these were surreptitiously removed from her bag and left in the hotel room and have remained studiously unmentioned ever since.

So, you can imagine how delighted I was to find a beautiful project requiring smooth round stones – heck, the next time we go to the beach I’m even going to send the Minx off on a stone hunting expedition. 




Artist and photographer Margaret Oomen crochets little covers for her stones which make them look like sea urchins reimagined by a Victorian grandma and sells the stones themselves (though they disappear quickly and still-life photographs of them on Etsy.




Now you can make them too as she has put a tutorial up on the Purl Bee to make a basic version of her stones, though I would imagine that any number of doily patterns (Ravelry link) could be adapted for the purpose, once you’ve go the hang of the basic concept.


MOmaterials425-30 MOplatebeauty425


Will definitely have to try this at some point. I’m just wishing that there was more knitting/crocheting time in the day.

02 March 2010

Jennifer Squires Photography

Just a quickie this morning as I have decided to make progress on, can you believe it, tidying. my. office. (Did you hear that Lou?) There will be an update post tomorrow.

In the meantime you slackers, my lovelies, I would really appreciate any blog improvement suggestions below. I’m trying to make a list at the moment and anything you could add would be enormously helpful. 

And I will now leave you with the gorgeous photography of Jennifer Squires.  Jennifer is another photographer who achieves that peaceful, tranquil atmosphere with her photography which I aspire to emulate but never seem to be able to achieve.  Maybe you need to have a peaceful tranquil mind to get these effects? 




Photography is so fascinating, as so much of the photographer’s personality always shines through in the photos. I swear a hundred photographers could take the same camera to the same place in the same light and you’d still get hundred different images. Anyway, you can read a great interview with Jennifer on Art Wall (a fabulous blog about, you’ve guessed it, art walls).




{All photos by Jennifer Squires Photography}

26 February 2010

REALLY Cool Printed Fabric – ManoAllaMano


Or Benetton ads in quilting cotton.

Goodness but you guys are clever sometimes.

A regular commenter round these parts is Designer Mama – ManoAllaMano who lives in Seattle and has a young daughter adopted from Haiti. She is also a very talented photographer and graphic designer.


She couldn’t find any fabric that reflected her particular situation, and so, as you do, decided to design some of her own. It was such a big hit with her daughter, that she has come up with other permutations reflecting other variations of ‘non-typical’ American families – two mommies, two daddies, adoptive families, single parents, multi-racial etc.– and has just launched an Etsy shop, selling both quilting and upholstery weight fabrics.

This fabric seriously makes me want to learn to sew. I’d love to make the Minx something with this. It would also look fabulous framed (which may be the route I decide to go). Isn’t it just too cool?




H 3 small for etsy

I small for web

23 January 2010

Happy Tape – Japanese Masking Tape


How crazy is it that I’m seriously considering dropping $50 on a selection of cheerful packing tapes and a dispenser? And just when I’m thinking that the house needs a serious de-clutter?

The pictures are so cheerful and apparently hit exactly the same colour-loving sweet spot in my brain that beautiful yarn does -  ‘ooh.  pretty.  colours.  BUY’.  And I know that the Minx, who is in the throes of a long and passionate love affair with Sellotape, would spontaneously combust with delight.

But for the moment, I shall content myself with the ogling the pretty pictures.  Maybe I’ll get myself some as a reward if I ever manage to tidy my desk. All these beauties are available from Happy Tape’s shop here, please don’t tell me if you buy some.





10 December 2009

Some Photos and a Calendar


One of my main resolutions for next year is to really work on my photography and sell some of it through the shop.

I really like the simplicity and ethereal quality of these photos by Kitty Rogers, available to purchase through her Etsy shop.






And most particularly I love her teeny tiny calendar – 12 little (business card sized) calendar photo cards on a tiny easel. In fact, I love it so much that I’ve just ordered one for daily photography inspiration.


{found via Lobster and Swan}

25 November 2009

Knitting for the Home – Part I

Flicking through some recent magazines, it seems that texture is making its way back into interiors with a vengeance.

I love the way that knitted or crocheted items add softness, comfort and intricate detail to a space. I seem to spend far more time than is good for me on Ravelry nowadays and here are some of the patterns and projects I’ve been ogling recently. If only I had more knitting time. (If you spent less time pissing about on Ravelry, you’d have more time to knit.  Just saying. – Ed )

Extreme Home Knitting

From left to right starting at top left

- Crochet your own placemats.  Pattern here.

- Knit your own covers for paper lampshades. Info Interweave Knits.

- Knit a cute little teapot cosy (available as a free Ravelry download here).

- The pattern for the Jacquard cushion can be found in Glamour Knits At Home. Photo credit here.

- Blue and white Delft Pillow by Eunny Jang, also in Interweave Knits.

- The crocheted and starched lampshade is inspired by Marcel Wanders Crochet Chair.  The Ravelry project page is here, unfortunately there is no pattern.  I ADORE this project.

- Another paper lampshade cover from Interweave Knits.

A close-up of the crocheted lampshade above

- Cute and practical little coasters by the Purl Bee.

- The pattern for the Matryoschka cushion is available for download from elf518’s Etsy shop.

- The pattern for the Puff Daddy stool is available here. Also featured by Apartment Therapy.

- Pattern for this fabulously striking ‘Metafourmosis’ Afghan/wallhanging is here. Do it in colours to complement your decor.

- Another paper lampshade cover from Interweave Knits.

A really cute little ‘gingham’ dishcloth.  The Ravelry project page is here. Again there is no pattern available, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure it out.

- Striking retro potholders made based on this pattern. Photo credit and inspiration here.

- Lampshade from crocheted hexagons, which will apparently be published in a book called ‘Crochet Revolution’. I can’t find details on Amazon, though the Ravelry page is here.

- The pattern for this bathmat is from Knit 2 TogetherUK peeps, do you remember Tracey Ullman? She moved to the US and started writing knitting books.

- Minimalist crocheted lampshade from the same people who brought you the Puff Daddy footstool.

- If you’re feeling really bored, why not crochet your own lacy curtains? The pattern is here.

- The MOST amazing knitted bookcover.  Again there is no pattern, but go to the Ravelry project page here, marvel at the close-up pictures and see all the work involved.





01 October 2009

Get Wood

For the longest time I avoided wooden accessories in the home – they always seemed a bit too rustic and  ‘knit your own yogurt’ and you know that I’m really not that sort of a girl.

But recently wood seems to have become a little more sleek, sophisticated and playful, while still retaining that delightful tactile smoothness and warmth.

Check out this gorgeous coffee table from Habitat in the UK


These cute owls (here we go again) from UK designer Matt PughPIC5a

This beautiful walnut cheese board/server from SavedFromAFire  (made from offcuts of wood saved from furniture making, which would otherwise be thrown away or burnt).



These stacking rings from Little Sapling Toys who make the most fantastic wooden kids accessories


These wooden iPhone cases from Vers (though I’m not sure how practical pulling your phone in and out would be).



and finally, the wooden accessory that revived wood for me, my Jean Pelle candleholder


24 September 2009

3-D Glasses Dress

So, if I were 20 years younger, 20cms taller and er, a heck of a lot thinner, I would SO be buying this dress (and not just for Halloween either)


Made to order by Nicole Lindner. Available here.

03 August 2009

Urban Craft Uprising – the Reckoning

We went, we saw, we bought.  AND there was air-conditioning.  What more could you ask for?

UCU has grown up.  It still has a pleasantly friendly and chaotic vibe, but there was so much more stuff that was actually worth buying.  Still a lot of felt though.


Here are a few images of the Uprising. I’ll talk about some of the individual stallholders over the course of the week.








01 August 2009

Urban Craft Uprising



Just a quick reminder for Seattle-based peeps that the first ever summer Urban Craft Uprising is taking place tomorrow and Sunday at the Seattle Center.

I got to a UCU a couple of years back when I first arrived in Seattle and found it to be a charming mishmash of the homespun, the bizarre and the fabulous. Included in the fabulous this time round will be Dave Sheely Designs and the Cakespy herself.


03 June 2009


So here is the new baby.  She's not exactly the colour I would have liked (we saw a fab orange one which was just out of price range) but she's cute and nippy and the Minx loves her very much. We are in ongoing discussions about her name - I favour 'Myrtle' but the Minx pefers the alliteration of 'Belle' (though we should be grateful that Aurora, Ariel and Tinkerbell have not yet come up as options).


I am naturally wondering whether any embellishment is in order - or would that be unspeakably naff and cliche'd?

Options include.

Retro flowers from TonyaBug on Etsy



Daisies from the Daisy People



Fabulous and fabulously expensive offical Beetle decals from Mibo.


Daisy tail light covers


and er, 'eyelids'


and, just in case you have money to burn, daisy hubcaps

beetledaisywheel beetle_daisy_3

Just in case I have any readers left after my shameful lack of blogging in recent weeks, here is a poll.


13 May 2009

Abigail Percy's Hyacinth Watch

One of our very favourite suppliers is Scottish jeweller Abigail Percy, who makes, among other things, our very popular Sweet Horse Chestnut Earrings.

She has a wonderful blog detailing her inspirations and the creative process in her tiny studio and has recently been taking us through a project she calls  'Hyacinth Watch'.

Together we've watched her hyacinths grow, seen her sketches, marvelled at the limited edition jewellery she created from the sketches of hyacinth blooms, and you can now buy her photo postcards, wrapped in a brown paper band printed from one of her hyacinth sketches.

Do yourselves a favour, wander over to her blog and see the process for yourself.  Or, even better treat yourselves to a necklace or a set of postcards.





  All photographs copyright Abigail Percy.  Find her Flickr here.

07 May 2009



I've recently come to know Jessie Oleson of Cakespy. She is a Seattle-based artist and illustrator who does cute watercolours showing the adventures of Cuppie, an anthropomorphic cupcake, and  also writes the blog Cakespy, where Jessie hunts down various cakes and desserts.  At which point I fully understand if you've all fled there en masse and are no longer reading this post.

As part of this month's Wallingford Art Walk Jessie was exhibiting at Trophy Cupcakes showing pictures of Cuppie in various Seattle locations.  Given my borderline obsession with Trophy anyway, wild horses couldn't keep the Minx and I from attending.

I did buy a couple of little watercolours which Jessie will be sending to me. In the meantime the above is the promotional postcard for the event, which the Minx absolutely adores and which I will probably also frame for her. She particularly likes the 'Mummy and Minx buying a box of cupcakes' (yes she is fairly familiar with the appearance of a Trophy box) to the left.

If you're in Seattle, Jessie's work will be on display at Trophy through to June 1st.  She's also exhibiting at Schmancy in downtown Seattle on Friday evening.  For all non-Seattleites, her work is available online here. 

17 March 2009

These Do Make Me Happy

Just wanted to share a couple of recent kitchen purchases.


The Minx takes a packed lunch to school every day, which has become the bane of my life (why am I always packing her lunchbox at midnight?).  However I am greatly cheered up by these little washable reusable 'ziploc' bags from Etsy seller Evelyn Fields, made from unbleached cotton.  I always feel bad using real Ziplocs, so these bags make me feel good in all sorts of ways.

And we all love our new melamine spoon from Zac Designs  (though it's not nearly so environmentally friendly).

04 March 2009

Public Service Announcement - Matte Stephens Giveaway

When we were talking paint colours recently (still dithering about that and waiting on a couple of samples) a couple of you mentioned my little Matte Stephens painting, which I picked up when Matte gave his talk at the Lab last year.  It was originally intended for the Minx's room, but I've decided that I love it far too much to waste it on her.


I bought the picture because, although it's supposed to be a picture of Matte's wife Vivienne, it reminds me of the Minx, and the fir trees and umbrella are just SO Seattle.

Those of you who spend a lot of time in the American blogosphere will certainly have seen Matte's work before - much of his talk at the Lab was about how he had been quietly plodding along with his art for years, before becoming something of an overnight sensation, with lots of interesting projects in the works.

However, for those of you who don't know him so well he has an Etsy shop here full of prints, and a blog here. You can also buy original works here at Velocity. And as of today he is giving away these three new pillows on his blog. 


I hope you appreciate how much I love you, as by telling you this I am severely impacting my own chances of winning.

Here's Matte and Vivienne at the Lab last year


 Just updating to say that, just in case you're not lucky enough to win, the pillows are on sale at Urban Outfitters at a very reasonable price.

02 February 2009

Jean Pelle

Speaking of Jean Pelle, I absolutely love her stunning wooden candle holders (also in the roomset below).  Made from hand-turned Douglas fir and 24 carat gold leaf, they're treated with a flame retardant and then finished to a smooth polish.

Available from her Etsy shop, at $115 a pop. (She also has smaller, darker, not gilded, cheaper versions, but obviously Mrs Expensive Tastes here doesn't like those ones so much).



26 January 2009

Tees Made

il_fullxfull_43116530 il_fullxfull_49115488

il_430xN_44586933If your daughter is as obsessed with bright colour as mine is then I suggest taking a look at Little Overcoat on Etsy.

Made by a woman living on an island in Puget Sound, just a short boat trip from Seattle, these tees and dresses are patched together from vintage and recycled materials, with some new European prints added to the mix.

There are also some boys' designs and some women's tees and skirts which I am VERY tempted by.




21 January 2009

Mini Ornaments

Miniature Sleepy Raindrop

Miniature Alphonse

Aren't these cute?  Little artworks on porcelain by Ashley Goldberg.  Get them at her Etsy shop.

{via Simpatico - the new blog from the lovely folks at Velocity Art and Design}

26 November 2008

Pomegranate Princess

I saw these crazy cool crocheted wire thingies on Shelterrific and had to share them with you (and also with anyone who fancies buying me the silver hoop earrings).

il_fullxfull_42245567 il_fullxfull_45585970

il_fullxfull_46300863   il_fullxfull_45783727

il_fullxfull_40806305  il_fullxfull_46448859


Yael is an industrial designer based in Israel who makes beautiful wire-crafted jewellery and homewares in her spare time, which she sells through her Etsy ship Yoola.  (Her profile is inspiring. Go read.) The 27th is the last day of her buy two-get-one-free offer just in case anyone fancies buying me a little silver, pink or orange pomegranate to go with the earrings. 

13 November 2008


It's that time of year again.  Here are some of my faves.

Suzy Jack Deluxe 2009 Calendar, printed on 100% recycled paper using soy inks.

suzy jack calendars


(He he! I just nabbed the last one of these for our kitchen. She seems to be putting them in her shop in batches so check back again soon).

This year I have been accompanied by 2008 calendar from Green Chair Press.


This is made up of loose leafed letterpress cards in a jewel case, with a pattern and haiku for each month.  The quality is absolutely beautiful and the little haikus are really cute.

Here's this years' calendar.  I'm not sure I like the patterns quite as much as last year's (which really has wormed its way into my heart) but it's still lovely.


This year my desk calendar comes from a Seattle blogger and designer Still Dottie whom I met through the Lab.

still dottie



It's all beautifully handmade and I just love the colours she's used - each month scrolls through teal, turquoise, limes and corals - and the addition of colour-matched stitching adds a really original touch.  Here is mine all ready to go above my desk.  She's still got some left in her Etsy shop and do check out her gorgeous blog as well.








Another Seattle-based designer who always produces a great calendar is Herman Yu, who makes beautiful designs from nature.


Check out the inside pages here.


If I had more wall real estate I would probably consider this enormous, incredibly stylish Vignelli Stendig calendar available here.  Yes, the baby is to scale.

29165_1A237338  29165_004A238C

Vignelli also designed the classic Max 365 Perpetual Calendar, seen here in an otherwise fairly hideous room set from Pottery Barn.

7037_BE11ACE8 potterybarnimg85l

My favourite perpetual calendar though is the Corian Calendar by Niels Kjeldsen.  These were a special limited edition and enormously expensive (I'm not sure you can even buy them any more) but I do wish someone would mass-produce them.



09 September 2008



this is why I haven't been blogging 

I can't believe how long it is since I've blogged.  I'm not sure what happened, but we've just been trying to make the most of the summer here in Seattle and my blogging mojo just seemed to get left on a beach somewhere.  And funnily enough this is a busy time of year for mirrormirror what with all the pre-Christmas ordering and PR to work on.

Thank you so much for all your kind and concerned comments and emails - I'm sorry I just abandoned you without a word - and I'm touched (and somewhat astonished) that people have been missing my somewhat random musings.

But anyway, just to get things back on track.

Things I've been doing over the last month in no particular order.

- Loafing about on beaches (including another trip to Cannon Beach, still the most photogenic place on earth)

- Travelling on ferries

- Eating Dancing Deer chocolate brownies (perfect for picnics).

- Watching the Olympics (we managed to get a live stream of the BBC's coverage to make up for the godawful coverage provided by NBC.  You have to feel sorry for Americans sometimes.)

- Getting really stuck into Project Runway.  And Project Rungay.  Leanne is my hot, hot favourite. I just wish I'd found my way to her Etsy store before she got famous.

-  Finally watching Season One of the The Tudors and realising it is much better than I thought it would be.  And what a lustbunny Charles Brandon is.

- Researching my family tree.  And finding out that I come from a long line of Londoners and craftspeople.

- Making aubergine (eggplant) and pistachio salad over and over again.  It is SO good. 

- Eating pistachio icecream.  I like pistachios.

- Getting into a new school routine. The Minx is finally now going to school four days a week, although they are much shorter days, with more commuting.  But finally it feels like I have time to focus on stuff.

- Photographing new stuff for the shop.


Things I have NOT been doing.

- Following my eating plan

- Exercising

- Gardening

- House stuff

- Reading and commenting on other blogs (except for Project Rungay and er, PerezHilton). Sorry fellow bloggers.

Normal blog service will now be resumed...

05 August 2008

Serendipity, Rings and Termites

Writing a blog is a bit like throwing stones into a pond - you throw something out there, but are never quite sure what is going to come rippling back to you.

When I wrote about my new coffee table back in the Spring, what came rippling back was a lot of rude comments about my furniture placement :) and a very nice email from MaryT enquiring whether my old coffee table was for sale.

So MaryT came round one afternoon with her husband DaveS and an envelope of used notes. It transpired that said MaryT is the temporary editor of the ever fabulous Shelterrific and we have since become friends, which is altogether the best reason for starting a blog.

DaveS is also hugely talented and Mary recently sent through photos of Dave's beautiful resin rings, which showcase interesting found objects such as beach glass, shells or fossils, or, if you prefer, real gemstones which seem to hover over your finger.  These rings are all unique and handmade - hand cast, hand coloured and hand polished - and I'm somewhat regretting that the ruby red one below has been sold.






Mary also writes a personal blog Straight From the Container which today featured horrific pictures of her termite infestation problem (houses shouldn't be made of wood, it just ain't natural), so please do all hurry along to Dave's Etsy shop and buy lots of things, so they can afford to sort out the problem.


17 July 2008


Oh I'm way behind other blogs on this one, but I'm very excited by the development of Spoonflower, 'the website that allows anyone and everyone to print their own fabric'.

It's still in beta, but basically you upload your own textile design (full instructions on the site) and they'll print off a length of fabric in that design.  They will also ship to the UK.

This is such a 'duh! I wish I'd thought of that' business idea.  It's obviously going to be huge and the potential to print on all sorts of different fabrics (currently they only offer mercerized cotton) and possibly even use it for things like wallpapers and rugs is enormous. 

Not to mention that in future they're hoping to allow people to buy other people's designs through the site, which will be one in the eye to all the 'only to the trade' fabric designers.  I think there are going to be some interesting copyright issues going forward though. In the meantime some beautiful fabrics are starting to crop up on Etsy.

unikko_001_loresI've never designed a fabric pattern in my life, but I have received an invitation to use the site (while it's in beta it's by invitation only, but they don't seem to be too difficult to get hold of) and the temptation to bring out my latent Tricia Guild is enormous.  After all, it surely it can't have been that difficult to design the Marimekko Unikko poppies?

I  just wish they were doing canvas or upholstery weight fabrics as I want to make CUSHIONS.

The Spoonflower guys are also writing a great blog about setting up and developing their own business. I'm particularly enjoying their little podcasts.

25 June 2008

The Lab - Crush on Plush


Just a quick reminder that this month's Lab is on tonight between 6pm and 8pm at Velocity's showroom and is going to feature Kristen of Plush You and Schmancy, Hansi of Hansigurumi, and Moxie of Made by Moxie, talking about the rise of the plush movement and crafting in general.

I'm hoping very much to attend, though I'm currently mainlining echinacea and zinc in an attempt to stave off an increasingly spluttery cold. But if you're in the Seattle area it should be a really fun evening as usual.

10 March 2008

Gorgeous Ceramics - Kim Westad

I came across Kim on Flickr recently and fell in love with her beautiful ceramics.  I really like how she uses what look like cake-icing techniques to decorate her pieces with tiny slip dots in various patterns.


I had to treat myself to this for my breakfast cereal (NB to Husband -it's OK, it was in the SALE).  I do love how Etsy hides the prices after things have been sold.

If I were richer or had a shop that was actually making money, I would treat myself to these mugs - such fabulous colours. 


Or this utterly gorgeous whirly dish for nibbles.


Check out Kim's shop for more lusciousness.  (Another NB to Husband - any chance of making my blog a bit wider?)

17 February 2008

I'm a Lucky Girl - part deux


I also got this gorgeous little necklace from Hannah Made, which features a tiny photo of a collage made by Michelle Caplan for her Collage Lab project (I have to admit that the Husband needed to be gently led in this direction).

I just love how this is a collaboration between two different artists in very different media, but who have combined to make something so unusual and pretty.  It's currently hanging on my inspiration board just so I can look at it.

The postcards are from UK photographer Donna Compton, who takes the sort of flower photos that I aspire to take (found via Decor8) and the marble magnets in Amy Butler prints are from the Purple Pear.