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04 June 2008

Sex and the City - The Movie

Things I Learned Last Night (Only Very Tiny Spoilers)

The movie is like watching five previously undiscovered back-to-back episodes with a much bigger budget.  No more.  No less.  Which is my idea of bliss.  I note the reviewers who thought the movie was too long are mostly male.

- The plot is so creaky it should be in an old people's home.  I have no idea how they're going to rehash things again to make a sequel.  This doesn't actually matter.

- Judging by the packed-out cinema and queue for tickets (in fabulous monsoon-like conditions - how I love Seattle in June), there will definitely be a sequel

- As we suspected from the photos which have been all over the Internet, green feathers and bright red lipstick (especially lipstick which is feathering round the edges - too much smoking Carrie!) does not work


- The blue Manolos in the lead role are totally upstaged by these fabulous Dior Extreme Gladiator Platforms, which I would buy tomorrow if they a) didn't cost $770 b) wouldn't cripple me in about 5 secs c) wouldn't give me appalling cankles.

- J Hud is woefully underused

- As is Stanford.  More Stanford please!

- Charlotte is fabulous when she's angry

- The movie included a completely gratuitous trip to Mexico which suited me just fine

- I still think Miranda could do better than Steve

- However, Miranda and Steve made me cry

- As did Charlotte

- Carrie didn't

- The interiors throughout the movie are fabbalicious.  I may have to see the movie again to focus on them more closely :)

- Carrie's iconic apartment gets a makeover. I'm not sure about it, but it deserves a post all of its own

- Samantha is a fool

- Cynthia Nixon is looking stunning

- Smash in Wallingford was a surprisingly great place for a pre-match cosmopolitan

- For all the critics bitching and moaning about the lack of reality in the film, this is PORN, girl porn, pure unadulterated fashion, accessories and interiors porn (and some lingering shots of hot Italian male totty which were not exactly unpleasant). And since when have porn films been realistic? 

24 May 2008

I. just. can. not. wait

I know we've recently been very rude about US Vogue, but this month's issue features one of the most gorgeous photoshoots I've ever seen in honour of the upcoming release of Sex and the City - The Movie. (All photos by Annie Liebowitz for US Vogue from










Even though the cover is still pretty crap.

The gorgeous boys at Project Rungay (one of the all time great blogs) have done some great detective work tracking down the catwalk origins of most of the frocks. (They are so going to LOVE my Heidi Klum holiday goss).

I have just two questions.  Why don't we see epic dresses like these on the red carpet (including SJP to her own premieres) instead of all the boring fishtails we saw at the Oscars this year? (The green Nina Ricci is what I will wear when I win my Oscar and have extensive liposuction). And could Mr Big, whom I've always loved as a character, but who has never done it for me as a lustbunny, look any hotter?

Also check out this vid, via Perez Hilton, which conclusively proves that this is one of the biggest ever product placement opportunities for women (I've heard the movie called the 'Superbowl for women' in terms of its advertising potential).  I just love how all the accessories are just piled up as if they were in the rummage bin at Primark.

The hot mamas of Seattle have booked out the evening of June 3rd to see the movie and drink too many cosmopolitans. Back with an actual film review then.  (The only thing I don't like is the fugly ass decor in that hotel bedroom).

20 April 2008

Britain v America - Magazine Covers

Ever since I moved from London to Seattle, I've noticed that there is a very different design sensibility between Britain and the US, not just in interiors but in every aspect of life.

So I thought it would be fun to launch a series of posts where we can compare and contrast everyday elements of British and American design and just have a chat round the differences.

First up, here are the May 2008 covers for British and American Vogue, which to me exemplify the two different design aesthetics (even though American Vogue is famously edited by a Brit).


May 2008 cover of British Vogue featuring Natalia Vodianova

The cover of British Vogue is simpler and cleaner, with far fewer words and simple fonts (though note the use of the serif font).  Colour though is brought into the typeface.

The focus is very much on the model. Note it's a model not a celebrity - celebrities do appear on the cover of British Vogue but comparatively rarely.  Though admittedly the lines get a bit blurred with celebrity models such as Kate Moss, who seems to be on the cover of British Vogue all the time.  The colours are very bright, clean and fresh and to my eyes very English.  The whole thing seems much more uncluttered and spare.


May 2008 cover of American Vogue featuring Gwyneth Paltrow

American magazine covers - and this is no exception - seem to have a lot more going on.  There are more words and more different font sizes (though only one sans serif font is used throughout).  There are more emphatic caps and italics and a quote is included. All the words mix lower case and upper case. 

The image used is much busier (and more obviously photoshopped?) - more Gwyneth, more dress, more background. There's a lot more Hollywood glamour - a movie actress, big hair, silver and sequins. And with the mask, even obvious movie product placement (for the Iron Man movie, starring, you guessed it, Gwyneth Paltrow). The colours, though, are more muted and soft than on the British cover.

So, which one do you like best?  Which one would you buy? Do you prefer the cover from your 'home' country?  Does the other cover seem very different and/or strange?  Does the British cover seem scarily uninformative and gaudily bright? Does the US cover seem more old-fashioned (as it does to me)? Or does the serif font on the UK cover look old-fashioned to American eyes? If you're neither British nor American which one stands out for you? Am I the only person who thinks Gwyneth look strangely like she's been carved out of wax?


(Just adding a poll, because your answers are intriguing me.)

So the thing that's intriguing me, is that not a single person has said they prefer the US cover, but surely Anna Wintour et al must do focus groups and stuff about this sort of thing? And must think that the US-style cover will sell best? Can anyone out there explain?

By the way is the poll working properly? I've had all sorts of trouble getting it up.

25 February 2008

Oscar Thoughts

One of the nicest things about moving to the US is being able to watch the Oscars as they happen at a sensible time of the evening instead of pinching oneself to stay awake into the wee small hours.  I do miss Jonathon Ross's snark though.

I have to say though, that I've never seen such a boring collection of Oscar frocks in my life. Mile after mile of vacuous starlets parading in slimline silhouettes and fishtail trains, their breast implants squashed into strapless or assymetrical off- the-shoulder necklines.

And the colours - or lack thereof. Last night there were apparently only three choices available - black, red,  or white/silver if you were really feeling rebellious.  If you're going to go to all the trouble of wearing a posh frock, then why would you choose black? However intricate the actual dress is, it's never going to stand out in a crowd.  And no, midnight blue is not really a much racier choice.

Though it did make me laugh to see all those girls who really thought they'd stand out by wearing red all queuing up in a long line like London buses. 

heidi_klumIf you must wear red, do it like Heidi Klum.  Despite being completely addicted to Project Runway, I'm not a big fan of the robotic Frau Seal, but there's no denying that her Galliano dress is absolutely spectacular.  It's apparently up for auction for charity, if you've still got some Christmas money left over.












Another contender for Best Dressed, despite being nearly three times the age of some of the vacuous starlets was Helen Mirren.  Oh she makes me proud to be British. 
















If you're going to do the fishtail look then why not go the whole hog and turn up dressed as a mermaid a la Best Actress Marion Cotillard in Gaultier.  I was so thrilled with her win. La Vie En Rose was one of the few other movies I went to see last year and her acting was an absolute tour de force.


Worst dressed was difficult.  Normally this would have been a slam dunk win for Tilda Swinton, who decided to turn up wearing a black bin liner.

tilda-swinton-oscars-2008-02However, it was such a relief to see something a bit different from all the strapless fishtails that I'll give her a pass on this one, also because one has to respect her Bowie-esque fierceness and the fact that she manages to live with both the father of her children and her handsome toyboy.  Though even given all those things, black really isn't the right colour for you if your complexion is that pale.

The Husband, who saw Michael Clayton recently, reckoned she deserved her win, but I was sad that the Oscar didn't go to 13-year-old Saiorse Ronan who managed to act everyone else off the screen in Atonement (not so difficult when you're up against Keira Knightley, more so when it's Vanessa Redgrave).

At least she managed to look ethereal and age appropriate (*cough* Miley Cyrus *cough*) in Alberta Ferretti, though the hair was a bit too severe. We will forgive her much for actually wearing a colour other than black red or white though.


One of the only people other than Tilda, who managed to stand out amongst the personality transplants was Diablo Cody, who won the original screen writing award.  Again, I wouldn't normally advocate tats and leopardskin, but it worked, because that is clearly who she is.


So who wins the mirrormirror Worst Dressed Award?

I'm sort of confused by Nicole Kidman's effort. Pregnancy has clearly befuddled her brains sufficiently that she decided to turn up wearing a bib made of diamonds.  It sort of looks OK here, but much worse when she was actually presenting her award as the necklace had got all askew and tangled by that stage. But at least she was trying something different.

She absolutely wins the 'worst face' award though.  She really couldn't move it for Botox when making her little speech.  She appears to be morphing rapidly into Lady Penelope.





Sadly my girl Jennifer Hudson, of whom I have been a great fan since American Idol days and who quite often looks fab, was again let down badly by her Oscar stylist.  After last years horrific bolero, she wore a frock that made her ample boobage look deformed.  Even the Husband remarked upon it (we know now where he looks when it comes to clothes).  It seems that designers and stylists are completely flummoxed when they have to confront a pair of real breasts. As a woman of ample boobage myself,  I'd love to see her in something plunging and uplifting and in yer face which would get all the fishtailed starlets crying into their implants.  But for the moment though, she's a strong contender for Worst Dressed.


Actress Daniel Day-Lewis and wife Rebecca Miller attend the 80th Editing to say that, now I've found a picture of it, this creation undoubtedly wins the Worst Dressed award.  What on earth was Rebecca Miller thinking?

13 February 2008


There are two things in this world that I would love to be able to do and that is sing and draw.

Those of you who can do the latter might like to see excerpts from a fabulous article which appeared in February's Elle Deco UK, where they asked an illustrator to illustrate four rooms from literature. 

It really makes me want to get reading and drawing and researching historic trends in interiors. And living in The Great Gatsby.

image0-2 image0-3

image0-4 image0

Images from Elle Decoration UK, February edition. Illustrations by Yoco.  Click on the images to read the text. 

I'd never heard of Yoco before, but here are some utterly gorgeous illustrations from her website.


12  eye_catch3


20 October 2007

The Daily Dress

Seattle Daily Candy came up trumps last week by spotlighting these gorgeous paintings of vintage dresses by Seattle-based artist Liz Tran, which she displays on her blog The Daily Dress.  

I love the idea of using them in a kid's room as in this photo from Seattle Homes & Lifestyles.

Actually I'm rather taken by her other paintings as well. The Husband and I are thinking of buying a piece of art as a 10th anniversary present for us to share, so I might just drag him along to her Open Studio, which I see from her blog is happening at the beginning of November.

I suspect the dresses though are a bit too girly even for the Husband, who prides himself on his 'metrosexuality'.

27 September 2007


If I were taller and didn't have such enormous 'bloggers' boobs', I would definitely be buying one of these from House of Holland (in fact, I might still have to get one or two to wear in bed -  but they're massively sold out now of course). 

Or else I may just buy Little Doodles' fabulous version, if she ever adds it to her Etsy shop. (She's on a bit of a bird kick at the moment, which is a shame because I much prefer her fashion and interiors stuff.  But that's mostly because I'm phobic about birds, so ignore me).

21 May 2007

Bag Lady

One of the most unwelcome things about motherhood is the fact that I have to lug a huge bag full of stuff around with me EVERYWHERE I go. 

Admittedly it's not as bad as it used to be, but I still routinely have nappies, an Elmo beaker, snacks, assorted books, bibs and cutlery, wipes etc. etc as well as all my own gubbins dangling about my person. 

My old velvet carpet bag bought on Portobello Market is finally giving up the ghost and so I desperately need a new bag.

If it were winter I would be buying this gorgeous hand-felted messenger bag by the super-talented Jamie Irene. (I first saw these at the Urban Craft Uprising and they're marvellous - beautiful soft felting with really lovely heavy distressed leather straps).


If I didn't have to lug so much stuff I'd buy one of her Sweet Thang bags, but I'm a bit afraid things will fall out the top, and I really need a messenger to keep my hands free.








And if I were having a winter wedding I would definitely consider one of these.









Unfortunately, having said all that we're just, finally, coming into summer, and it so isn't the season for felted wool.  Has anyone got any good ideas for where I can find a gorgeous summer-weight messenger bag?

26 April 2007

Vanessa Bruno's Paris Apartment

So, a scheme for the main room was just coming together in my mind when I finally got round to reading this month's Elle Deco and saw the most gorgeous Parisian apartment featured on the cover and inside. 



It didn't surprise me in the slightest that such a chic, sexy, elegant apartment should belong to Vanessa Bruno, one of my very most favourite designers (oh, if only I were thinner and richer) who is known for her chic, sexy, elegant clothes.


I love everything about this space - the eclectic mix of modern and formal furniture, the mid-century modern touches, the inspired use of pastel highlights (anyone else really liking that mix of pale lavender, celery green and dusky pink?), the way she arranges her shelves, the big glass pot of unused candles, even the red beady thingy on the wall.  And it's all in the Marais - lucky, lucky, lucky woman.

So now I'm humming and haaing again.  This too shall be added to the inspiration file and I shall see what percolates through.

27 February 2007

Separated at birth

CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG                                  NICOLE KIDMAN

22 February 2007

Cutie Pucci

Just saw this turquoise silk clutch bag on Net-a-Porter.  Just loving that clasp (minus the signature - I'm not really a labelhound).

16 January 2007

Golden Globes

Living on the West Coast means I finally get to watch awards shows as they happen and not in the form of 40 seconds of highlights at the end of the news.

So this evening I was to be found on my sofa with a tub of Haagen-Dazs Dulce de Leche icecream to revel in watching the Golden Globes.

It was a fab night for British actors who won tons of awards and gave all the best acceptance speeches - Sacha Baron Cohen did us particularly proud (you need to turn up your speakers to hear this).

The 'mirrormirror' horriblest dress awards go to Cameron Diaz, who had come dressed as the Sugar Plum Fairy with too much lipstick;  and Sienna Miller, who was wearing a strange armour-plated affair and hadn't bothered to wash her hair before putting it up in a peculiar German milkmaid 'do'.

I appears that this is not the first time that these two have been fugly together.

24 November 2006

Pretty as a picture

I've recently come across a great blog called Trust Your Style, which published an interview with Japanese illustrator Chico Hayasaki, whose fashion illustrations are absolutely magical. 




I definitely want to bring out the first mirrormirror catalogue next year and would love it to be a mix of photographs and illustration.  Sadly I think Chico, who has illustrated campaigns for Sportsac, Nordstrom and La Perla, is way out of our league. 

Anyway, I strongly advise you to check out her portfolio on her website.

I also thought her take on blogging was rather cute.


20 November 2006

The Mad Hatter

Are we really supposed to be taking fashion advice from this woman?


It makes me sad that someone so intrinsically lacking in any sense of personal style can be hyped into becoming a fashion guru.

29 September 2006

Crash diet

All the controversy about skinny models will soon be old hat. HP have now developed a new 'slimming' feature for their digital cameras, which makes people thinner at the touch of a button (found via Seth's blog).

Which has left me rather confused. I hate to think of the sort of world I'm bringing my daughter up into and the images of 'beauty' with which she is already being bombarded.

But I know that if I had such a camera the temptation to use the slimming button would be utterly irresistible.