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04 August 2009

Lampshade Couture – It’s Competition Time!


Dawn Bassett of Seattle-based LiT Shades makes bespoke lampshades for any room in the house, using designer fabrics such as Marimekko, or custom letterpress printing.

Lit lamps

Until 7th August Dawn is running a competition on her blog where you can win your very own custom couture lampshade. All you need to do is send in a picture of a lamp in need of a revamp and Dawn will pick one to crown with its own special bespoke shade.

I mention this by way of a public service announcement because I love my readers, though I don’t particularly want any of you to enter as I’ve just entered my own sadly neglected Ebay lucite lamp. Anyway, if you must, full details of how to enter are here


A lamp in need of a vamp

03 August 2009

Urban Craft Uprising – the Reckoning

We went, we saw, we bought.  AND there was air-conditioning.  What more could you ask for?

UCU has grown up.  It still has a pleasantly friendly and chaotic vibe, but there was so much more stuff that was actually worth buying.  Still a lot of felt though.


Here are a few images of the Uprising. I’ll talk about some of the individual stallholders over the course of the week.








01 August 2009

Urban Craft Uprising



Just a quick reminder for Seattle-based peeps that the first ever summer Urban Craft Uprising is taking place tomorrow and Sunday at the Seattle Center.

I got to a UCU a couple of years back when I first arrived in Seattle and found it to be a charming mishmash of the homespun, the bizarre and the fabulous. Included in the fabulous this time round will be Dave Sheely Designs and the Cakespy herself.


22 June 2009

Sofa SO Good

So we've made a decision.

We're going with the Deep sofa below from Couch Seattle, though we're going to switch out the wooden plinth underneath for mid-century style cone feet and the whole thing will be in buttery soft ivory leather. The leather was a bit of an indulgence, and in all honesty I'm not really a leather sofa person at all, but it did seem the most supremely practical option with a Minx in the house - our existing white slip-covered sofa really does look horrific nowadays.


We partly made this decision because this is one of the few sofas we were able to sit on and test - and goodness me is it comfortable - but also on the basis of a long email discussion with Ameer at Couch. That man knows his couches.

I'm reproducing one of his emails here as I believe the advice he gives might be useful to anyone else currently buying a sofa, but also because this sort of exemplary and helpful customer service really needs to be celebrated.

Over to Ameer (the below is his email in response to my previous sofa post). I've included mini-pics of the sofas he is referring to, so we can follow the argument.

'It seems you want a modern or mid-century sofa that sits like a big lounger - which is a bit of a challenge. 

Mid-century styles like the Petrie Petrie and Jasper Jasper are a bit more upright.  Not familiar with how the Jasper sits but it mimics the depth and geometry of the Petrie so I assume they sit the same-which is to say well, but hardly plush, which is what you liked about my Deep model. Deep  

For reference the Deep is 40" while the Jasper and Petrie are both 36"- and the Deep features down blend in the back and seat while neither the Petrie or Jasper do.  Styles like that are both all about the straightness of the line, which down would compromise. 

As for the 51 image0-1 , the other style you scanned, I dig it but simply don't dig it as much as the Deep.  Seeing both in person in California the Deep was a fair bit more modern and eye-catching.  I don't think it's necessarily rounder by any means than the Deep. 

The Rae CropperCapture[3] and Nina are both nice looking but the Nina CropperCapture[6]  is only 75" wide, while the Ray looks from here like it sits stiff (and being only 32" will sit quite shallow). 

The Danner CropperCapture[7]is pretty (but again shallow) and undoubtedly well made but you're paying maybe $1,500 to get the Adler label.  I could do the Nina and probably the Danner as well.  But since you've mentioned you want loungy comfort I might encourage you to look at options that include back pillows.

Byward CropperCapture[4] is an awkward knock-off of a B&B Charles.  CropperCapture[8] It looks awkward because the seat cushion is too fat by about an inch - and the back cushions need a touch of space between them so you can see the frame.  The Charles needs to be knocked off perfectly to look good.  An inch off here and an inch off there and it's not so very pretty at all

Movie sofaRaeis good but CB2 quality isn't quite the same as that of the CB main line - and the problem with a sofa like that is that you NEED lots of cushions to put behind you and while lots of throw pillows are nice to look at, they can drive one crazy trying to find the right arrangement on dvd night.  Sleek yet plush is really kind of a difficult thing to do. 

The Frigerio line at Limn is amazing yet Italian made with prices to match.  Restoration Hardware has some great designs, but perhaps a little too traditional for your taste and they're overpriced and Chinese built.  Kasala and Alchemy are always options for some contemporary styling, but you undoubtedly visited since they're both on the same street I am.  Hmmm.  Given your parameters I dunno where'd I'd get a sofa if I didn't get it from me. 

If I didn't have 10k for Frigerio (which I don't) I'd probably go for a Steele CropperCapture[9] from CB (which would fit with your room aesthetic).  It's got a nice sleek look and in my opinion sits better than the Petrie.

I'm also of the mind that the aggressively mid century style of the Petrie won't age as well as a more updated style like the Steele. You could also get the Steele in time for your parents in a suitable fabric since it's stocked in a nubby polyester.  The Petrie is stocked in a cotton which just isn't the right call for you given the Minx.  To change out the cotton to the leather on the Petrie you're going to be waiting till well after your parents have come and gone. 

I'm going through my databanks here for a good source for a deep, stylish, plush, sofa and coming up blank. 

Best I can do is the CB Lounge CropperCapture[10]  which is stocked in a stain resistant poly velvet.  Yup, that's my story and I'm sticking to it -  though that one is 46" deep so will have a large footprint in a not so very wide room.  I really did try!

To answer your question I've got the exact spec for both the Petrie, Jasper, and Movie but I'm not in love with any of them.  I'll take another look at my resources and see if I can't suggest a couple others.  For a really progressive piece that looks fantastic and sits well, I really am a big fan of the Deep.  I think it would look right at home in one of my neighboring boutiques at 3x the price. 


17 March 2009

These Do Make Me Happy

Just wanted to share a couple of recent kitchen purchases.


The Minx takes a packed lunch to school every day, which has become the bane of my life (why am I always packing her lunchbox at midnight?).  However I am greatly cheered up by these little washable reusable 'ziploc' bags from Etsy seller Evelyn Fields, made from unbleached cotton.  I always feel bad using real Ziplocs, so these bags make me feel good in all sorts of ways.

And we all love our new melamine spoon from Zac Designs  (though it's not nearly so environmentally friendly).

28 February 2009

Keyboards of Desire


I want one of these so badly it hurts (though probably not as much as my hands would hurt using one, as I can currently only use a very ugly ergonomic keyboard). I never knew before that there was a hole in my life only a decorative keyboard could fill.

NISHIKI Handmade Keyboard

NISHIKI Handmade Keyboard

NISHIKI Handmade Keyboard

USAGI Handmade Keyboard

USAGI Handmade Keyboard

Handmade and available here and here for about $165 or £115.

{via If It's Hip It's Here}

17 February 2009

Be My Valentine

These are the Valentines that were exchanged in the 'mirrormirror' household this weekend. I wonder if you can guess who got what.


A Jean Pelle candlestick.  Sometimes dropping hints via your blog actually works. My vintage lucite owl likes it too.


The beautifully packaged Chocolate Pie Chart from Mary and Matt, perfect for the geek in your life.


A tee-shirt featuring parachuting Bambis from Etsy shop Circles and Squares. This is NOT the Husband.


 A heart-shaped Hello Kitty pendant necklace with matching bracelet (I have no idea what has become of the bracelet though)

09 February 2009

Our New Lamp

Bought at Christmas from Habitat in the UK and shipped to the US at vast expense.  There are some shops I just can't live without.




One day that wall and wood trim will be painted a different colour.  However, I really wouldn't hold your breath.

05 February 2009

Modern Jewellery Boxes

Anyone got any good ideas?

My jewellery is a nightmare of disorganisation which I've been meaning to sort out for ages. But, I've been held back by not having a nice jewellery box and the Husband owes me a Christmas present.

I've tried searching on eBay and Etsy but most vintage ones are too frilly and kitsch or look like they'd be a bit icky and musty inside and make me think of incontinent old ladies wafting cheap perfume.

I'd like it to be simple and with lots of compartments but beyond that have no great preferences.  Here's what I like so far, but I'd love to know if you've seen anything else.

This Muji one is great, but too small really.


I would of course not say no to one of these from Smythson's, but at $1,650 (!) they seem a teensy weensy bit overpriced.


I love these modular boxes from Rare Device but even these seem pricey once you've bought a couple together with the inserts.


Or else there's these ones from Crate & Barrel


Or this one from Pottery Barn, but they all look a bit Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn respectively (though the Pottery Barn one scores highly in the 'lots of compartments and look, even a cute little travel case' department).


And then I'm trying to decide whether these mirrored ones from Marks & Spencers are worth the trouble of being shipped from the UK.

41ES5GWmwFL__SX280_SH35_  41vEVBxIsHL__SX280_SH35_

Finally this white lacquer box from Conran is almost perfect AND it's on sale, but the compartments don't look very practical. 


Any more ideas?  I am in a dither here. (There was a great discussion of this topic over on Apartment Therapy, but it was some time ago and most of the links are out of date).

04 February 2009

Hermes Smart Car

One day, when I no longer have to ferry a child and all her attendant stuff around, and when I have a housekeeper to do all the shopping (I realise this may be quite some time in the future), I shall tie a Hermes scarf around my head, put on some huge sunglasses, sling my Birkin bag (gently) on the passenger seat and pootle off into the sunset in one of these.

The Hermes Smart Car, full of little Hermes accessories and available in a variety of colours to match all your Birkin bags.







{More images here.  Found via the ever fabulous designers block.}

14 January 2009

Muji at MOMA

In more good news for US peeps, I've recently discovered that New York's MOMA store (which is a great online shop anyway) sells a range of Muji merchandise online, so all is getting righter in my world. (Hope they get some of the fab Christmas merchandise next year).

l_52419 l_72106



Orla Kiely for Target

Well, I'm very behind on this one, but for the one reader who might not have seen this on another blog, iconic Irish designer Orla Kiely is coming to Target in the US, with a range of retro-styled kitchen and homewares.


I can't help thinking that the US has got a bit of a bum rap on this one. I do like one or two of the pieces - the square melamine platters and the vintage-Pyrex style bowls - but I'm not entirely keen on the colours or the very retro-looking cross hatching.

I much preferred the collection she did for Heal's - the colours seemed fresher and more contemporary and I love her stem and leaf pattern way above all the others.  And I'm still waiting for her to bring her stores to the US. What do you guys think?



All pictures from AT:NY

09 December 2008

Gift Ideas Under £25 and Free International Shipping

So here are a few gift ideas from mirrormirror over £10 and under £25.  Remember that we're offering free domestic and international shipping to all blog readers as a special thank you for being so nice. Just mention the code word DECORATIONS when the order form asks 'how did you hear about us' and choose the 'International Shipping £0.00' option whether you live in the UK or overseas.

Just a reminder to everyone in the US that the UK postal service recommends December 10th as the last date to have things sent from the UK to the US in time for Christmas.  In our experience you should have a couple of days grace, but best to be on the safe side. So get your orders in now!

Click here to see finer detailed image This Journal and Colouring Book (£14) includes blank paper for sketches, graph paper for layouts and 12 pages of gorgeous interior scenes for you to colour in.
Click here to see finer detailed image The Felt Sugar Cookies (£14) remain one of the Minx's favourite toys over a year after I first bought some for her.  I've lost count of the number of times I've had to pretend to eat them.
Click here to see finer detailed image Our adorable Miffy Breakfast Set (£17) is suitable for girls, boys and grown ups. And it all comes in really nice Miffy gift box, which is almost the best thing.
Click here to see finer detailed image These beautiful unglazed porcelain votive candle holders (£15) from Karin Eriksson are selling fast, so get yours now.
Click here to see finer detailed image These lucite bracelets (£23) by Tarina Tarantino really dress up a little black frock and are such good value.  Also available in Black Diamond, Antique Rose and Olive Green, there is also a matching lucite and crystal choker
Click here to see finer detailed image This book of 20 gorgeous postcards by Atelier LZC (£16) has been flying out the door.

Click here to see finer detailed image This Rose Trimmed Shower Cap (£19) sells incredibly well for people buying for their mother-in-laws...
Click here to see finer detailed image This Bathtime Selection Box, including soaps, bathmelts and shower scrubs, all made from the purest essential oils, is one of our very best sellers and smells amazing.

18 November 2008


Oh, Muji, Muji, Muji how I love and miss you! 

Oh Muji, Muji, Muji how I hate that when I try shopping at your online store you say it will cost me £19.99 (approx $30) to have your nicely made, affordable stuff shipped to the US.  When on earth are you going to open a US online store? Thank goodness I have accommodating in-laws.

Here are some of my favourite Muji things.

4934761520766_l 4945247373547_l

5055198258189_l  5055198258288_l

5055198258516_l 5055198258455_l

cookie cutter  5055198258882_l

All available here if you're in Europe or you're prepared to pay the shipping. Lottie writes a beautiful eulogy to Muji here. Here's a description with photos of Muji's new flagship store in Tokyo.

14 October 2008

The To Do List for Underachievers

Sticky pads for those of you who, like me, sometimes have a bit of an issue with productivity.


From Pretty Bitter.